Monday, May 11, 2009

You Don't Mess With the Brett

Started the week with Brett Favre mania.

Then he hopped on his John Deere and rode off into the sunset (but sadly not over a ravine).

But wait Manny Ramirez had the audacity to one-up the Brett with his media orgy of taking a female fertility drug and has inking with Paramount studios for a sequel to "Twins" with the Governator and Danny DeVito called "Triplets" (what ever happened to Kelly Preston?).

And ended the week with the Vikings reviewing shoulder X-rays that couldmightpossiblekindofwantmaybeshould bring the Brett to the Metrodome next season.

I don't know which move was stupider on Childress' part. Contacting the retired Hall of Famer who's going to accept Susan Lucci's daytime Emmy award this year, or making two mediocre quarterbacks even more skittish in the bullpen while blantantly telling them they're not good enough since you pursued someone who was happily retired.

Smooth move Chilly. You reap whatever your attempt to fit a square peg into the round Super Bowl hole.

When will Bodog put up the odds that Favre will be the Vikings starting quarterback this year? Probably better then Bellande making the money in the WSOP ME this year. Still some great values in their online poker room, get it while you can or wait till the Barney opens up the floodgates of fishes again.


Daughter's third birthday went off great. Held the fun through the present openings and cupcakes. Then after the kids got tucked in for a marathon of Spongebob and Dora, the parents got their party...

... and quick reminder they are not 22 with a Marketing exam looming over their heads on Monday.

Pictures of the little one soon to come as we banish the terrible twos from our house, never to come back since daddy assured such things last year.

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