Saturday, February 05, 2005

Am I evil?

I went my brother-in-law's brother's wedding tonight. It was your basic Catholic wedding, the church was huge and hearing Enya instead of Bach was a nice change of pace. Pardon if there are missing words or grammatical errors, I had to hurry to slurp as much free beer as possible since we didn't stay very long. There were some rather attractive females in various stages of undress due to the warm weather in Minnesota for last the three days. Ok, the ladies were dressed but they weren't wearing parkas indoors for once! My moral dilema came when we went to the Monte Club (A dinner club not strip bar) for the reception. As we sat down there was sort of a levels deal to all the tables. There would be a group of tables, then some steps going to a level 2-3 feet down and another group of tables. My table was faced toward the head table, and was only down "one level". Looking straight ahead there was a table with two attractive females in skirts. One was a strawberry blond with breasts like whoa, but her real assets I couldn't stop looking at under the table. Legs and lots of them (I'm a legs man). So, I'm trying to hold a conversation with my wife and these lovely steams with a cut up to her hip is sitting right there. Am I evil for looking? Thank god she crossed her legs most of the time or I wouldn't have been able to get up to walk to the bar for another beer.

Poker isn't starting off very nicely. Ran into someone playing AXs vs. my KQs and him calling a 5XBB raise, hit the flush and bye bye stack. Hopefully things look up later on. Will write more tomorrow if I get the chance before the game.

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