Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Knowing when to walk away, knowing when to go to bed

This gambler didn't know when to fold em' last night. I did manage to clear the Multipoker bonus and make $40 at the $25 NLHE tables for my troubles. A bubble finish at a 2 table PLO8 tourney sucked when I tried to bluff raise all-in, and the silly guy called with just quads to beat my king high. Some people, sheesh :P

Then I decided to take another chip at the Pokerroom bonus. Bad idea. For an hour I played limit since it seems to get more "point" hands then NL does, and generally the games go faster. Well the only thing going faster last night was my chips into someone else's stack. I was the consumate calling station, calling down second pairs gleefully like I'd just hit the lottery and money was something I used for coasters and toilet paper. Thankfully my PLO8 tourney on Multipoker finally finished so I had a reason to log off. With 200 "points" to go, I'm hoping to make a strong push tonight to finishing off this bonus so I can pay for the missus spa treatment at Treasure Island next month (note to self: call for reservations). Right now tiredness has set in so I might just pass out on the couch while watching the latest WPT re-run on the Travel Channel.

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