Thursday, February 17, 2005

My wife had different plans

Get your mind out of the gutter. No, instead of posting my tourney review, I was set immediately into manual labor in anticipation of tomorrow's move. The wife sounded much like the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket last night. WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION PRIVATE??? Sheesh. I was tired enough from getting only three hours of sleep while listening to my son cry for most of the night because he's still got a cold and can't sleep. That and playing in a MTT for most of the previous night as well. Everything did get done to my superior's satisfaction at around nine o'clock so she returned to her quarters for lights out.

I stayed up for a little bit but couldn't focus on writing my tourney summary so I dabbled with Pokerroom's casino. Since I couldn't write, I couldn't play poker in this state so games of Baccarat (my favorite -EV game beside bonus game slots), Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, and Blackjack kept me entertain for the extra half-hour I stayed up. I didn't win much but I did earn some more points towards clearing the deposit bonus (money wagered in the casino does apply towards the poker deposit bonus). Granted you need to wager $10 for every point, it adds up while playing a quick game like heads-up Baccarat.

Tonight is the big move and I won't have an internet connection until Saturday morning if Comcast is so kind to actually show up as scheduled. The new house looked VERY vacant without any furniture in it and with our merger holdings it won't get filled in much more once we move in. I'm already anticipating the words "can we go shopping for furniture honey?". Maybe after we come back from Vegas with the Megabucks jackpot safely deposited into our checking account. 31 days away and can't get here soon enough.

I read in the paper yesterday about a proposed casino as part of the Mall of America's expansion across the street where the old Met Center once stood. "There will be a sharp increase in drugs and prostitution should this plan go through" (see Star Tribune, yesterday's issue for the story)bellowed a city councilman.

What.... the.... fuck....

Out at Mystic Lake I don't see strippers lined up at the penny slots offering tricks and smack. Nor have I heard of the crime rate in that area skyrocket because they added more blackjack tables. People's misconception of crime and casinos maybe enough to get the vote shot down but you can't deny all that potential revenue for the city of Bloomington and state of Minnesota. Personally it wouldn't be any closer for me to go to the MOA then to Mistake Lake. But being coupled with the MOA you could always drown your losses in a tall draft beer and the bosoms of Hooter's employees uniforms after dropping $150 in the Kenny Roger Gambler machines because it WON'T GIVE YOU THE FRECKIN BONUS GAME!!!11

I'll fire off a post this weekend after we get semi-unpacked should I acquire enough rack time and if the sarge is in a better mood. Over and out.

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Chad said...

The LRT goes right to the MOA, though, so now any two-bit low-life with a $1.25 can get down there. It's unpossible for them to get to Mystic.

The casino isn't going to up the drug and prostitution rate, the LRT is!