Thursday, July 27, 2006

Can I Get a Hell Yeah?

I know you’re not supposed to “hurry through a week” or as Loverboy puts it “Working For the Weekend”. But, the nightly comedy show of Drizz walking into walls, stepping on the cat, and trying to squeeze in another five minutes of sleep after feeding the baby at two a.m., tends to tire this lead actor. We’ve finally managed to trick the baby into sleeping through the evening by feeding her latter last night… then the boy howls something fierce and stands in the doorway of his bedroom soaked from torso to knee. Parenting is fun!

Why don’t kids pop out with a FDA approved warning label: May Cause Drowsiness and weird dreams involving that chick on Sprout TV with The Teletubbies (not the purple one of course). Side note: She just got canned for a short spoof film on virginity done seven years ago??? The morality police seem to be not just limited to our cause about online gambling. How soon until we start up the Salem witch trials and public flogging for adultery and blasphemy again?


There. I’m calm now after wiping the spittle from the corners of my mouth and I apologize for any eardrums that I may have rattled.

Speaking of rattled, I think the dealers in the DADI rebuy tourney last night got a workout on a couple of tables as I was regulated to railbird last night. Was there anyone who didn’t rebuy and managed to cash, that seemed like a steep hill to climb after seeing a multitude of cash pool inducing rebuys being made. It was definitely fun watching Wes and Iggy spam the rebuy button like they were playing Level 26 of Galaga.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for my stomach at least, we were at one of my favorite restaurants last night due to “being in the area” after picking up a new mattress for Wyatt’s new “big-boy” bed as he was suppose to graduate to a normal bed (last night’s flunking pee grade wasn’t encouraging to hand him over the diploma however).

Billy’s in Anoka was the setting for my groom’s dinner many years ago (ok, six years), a spot we used to hit up for a causal dinner or beers after a softball game or a date. The food is reasonably priced, the portions are big enough to sedate my expanding waistline, and its loud enough so if Kyra decides to express her displeasure verbally we don’t get fifty pairs of daggers shot immediately in our direction. The ½ broasted chicken dinner with salad (ranch dressing), whipped skin-on potatoes with gravy, and a John Holmes sized breadstick washed down with a tall Leinie’s Red made my tummy very happy. Plus the courteous and easy-on-the-eyes wait staff recognized the need to leave quickly as both munchkins reached their patience threshold, thus receiving a little extra on the tip.

Well done once again.

1.75 liter of Cap’n Morgan – Check
Poker chip set – Check
Golf Clubs – Check
Tee Times - Check
24 pack of Guinness – Check
Cigar – Need to pick up at the casino
GambOOOOling funds – Low, but they are there
Shitty grin for three days with no kids or spouses and doing nothing but golfing, playing cards, and drinking – Check

My anticipation of this guys’ only weekend is rivaled only by the upcoming Bash at the Boathouse. Granted the heat outside is going to be set somewhere between Sahara and Gobi, the cabin does have some air conditioning and plenty of liquids will be consumed to prevent nasty things like dehydration and soberness. It’s not the WSOP/Vegas trip like I had planned at the beginning of the year, but being with my long time friends will more then make up for it.

Thanks for dropping by, now what in the name of Jason Bartlett got into the Twins? They went from being as exciting as a nursing home scrabble tournament to the champagne room at Olympic Gardens. And Bobby Bracelet, your team is next. You game for $10 on the series? That’s transferable to “Drizztdj” at Stars or Full Tilt. Just have your money ready.

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