Thursday, July 20, 2006

Waiting For Things Nets Results

I definitely found another leak in my game while puttering around on two different $2/$4 limit O8 tables last night. It didn’t involve paying someone off (even though I was correct to think he had junk, except his junk beat my junk, thus making my junk, junky). It involved variance within the same session. Losing somewhere between 17-20BBs within 15 minutes at the start of the session had my whine-o-meter cranked up to “IHATETHISFUCKINGAME” and even the Twinkies dominating the limp wristed Devil Rays didn’t do much to quell my crimson eyed view of those two squares of virtual poker.

Maybe I should watch more porn while playing. Nothing spells relief like l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s-i-n-a-t-h-r-e-e-w-a-y.

Did you see that Rondell White hit the ball out of the infield not once but twice in the same game? With the help of the Metrodome’s giant fans the balls even carried over the left field fence! I can taste victory over Speaker’s AAA ball club already despite giving up a three game spread as a handicap (Zito needs to get slowed down, he's showing some good stuff lately).

Since the All-Star Break:
Oakland: 5-2
Twins: 6-1

Poker, porn, baseball, not sure how I managed to bounce from one subject to the other but my mind is a terrible thing to try to understand and probably the reason why my wife just nods in agreement to most things I say with a soft pat on the back of the head.

I had time last night to get in a lengthier session then usual when the wife gave the green light for pokery goodness (yes Speaker I’m still 0 for 6 months). This gave me time to remain motivated not to tilt after losing so much to start. No loose calls, always have a reason to invest in the pot. Even if it took my wife’s tilted head to the side “you’re a dork” look, saying the previous sentence outloud or saying the reason why I was calling/raising helps me stay focused. Eventually my cards hit, and people folded to my semi-bluffs after showing down a couple of strong hands as I turned a 20BB+ loss into a 8BB gain by the time the Twins players were leaving the dome for their million dollar homes in Edina or on Lake Minnetonka. Or maybe they hit up Déjà vu afterwards. I know I would, free admission with a game ticket!

It feels good to win more often then lose again. I might be kicking myself square in the nads for making such a statement but when you watch nearly 60% of your bankroll dribble like juice from a slow cooked turkey down thru the wire rack into the pan for nearly five months it tests your fortitude to keep playing this masochistic card game.

No, I still can’t win races. But, winning while playing the Mookie last night wasn’t really on my mind. I did not “play stupid” nor make any rash moves that were not thought out. Rather enjoyed my time with some great friends over Ted Steven’s tubes making note not to shove too many poker chips all at once, or his internets might get delayed. I did manage a strong showing by placing one off the bubble in 11th after getting all of my chips in on a race hoping to see a lower pocket pair then eights. Being beat on the river meant nothing since the money went in pre-flop. Congrats again to Mookie for a fun time, and I’ll continue to try to sign up when Wyatt decides that being read Chugger Locomotive five times on Wednesdays is sufficient.

Did anyone see Richard playing last night on the PPT Foxwoods? Nice showing Quiet Lion!!! He even knocked out Barry “I can’t get my website to work” Shulman when he had the correct odds to call with his 75o, well done!

Thanks for dropping by, now if you need a couple of migraine pills after reading this slop I only have two left before I head up to the cabin this weekend.

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