Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All Lined Up For Bloat

Glad someone enjoyed that 55-0 wash out at the Dome on Saturday. In related news... people from Iowa have sex with humans?

Interesting the things you learn reading newspapers or carnal education absorbed in Section 202 of the Metrodome.


Update: This is +20 points of awesomeness. Well played KSK.


With the holidays now one day in front of us, who's happy and they know it?

Blah seems to be the popular word and normally after an epil fail attempt to get back on the multi-tabling online poker horse there would be whining about this and that. Well, this and that can promptly taking a flying leap into a Pantera mosh pit with a Billy Ray Cyrus t-shirt on. After powering down to a four buy in loss on the night (one buy in saved thanks to Daddy nudging me for an 18 person SnG), there was no numbness, I could still feel the cards and chips rain in the opposite direction and while the burning desire to play some poker was sedated rather quickly after watching the various coolers and beats, there was a shrug versus finding the nearest inanimate object to discuss loudly the level -23 play by the obscure European football team icon.

Nope. Just power down, thank the RNG for a dry ass tapping last seen on Big Brother's uncensored webcam and go to bed thankful for what I have versus what could have been.

That's the difference between me now, and me even last year. While the love of poker and card goodness is always there, I now just regulate those "beats" into entertainment that didn't work out, much like 25 piece Adam and Eve Super Sex-Kit I bought the wife and promptly threw out and is probably being used in various parts of Minneapolis at this moment.


Tomorrow's Schedule:

7am - 10am:

Run around downtown Minneapolis for the 5K Turkey Day Run sponsored by LifeTime Fitness. Fall down without alcoholic assistance, get laughed at by wife as she finishes five minutes ahead of me. Receive goody bag, over value the stale sweet bread and ill-fitting T-shirt like a firstborn. I still love these jogs despite being horrible at it.

10am - 2pm:

First food, first blood, brunch at parent's house, followed by nap time after too many mimosas, bacon, bacon in egg bake, bacon on toast, bacon on bacon, and bacon with sticky rolls.

2pm - 6pm:

Undisclosed area for turkey dinner with football viewing and discussing life questions like "why do some guys feel its ok to chat mid-stream?". Would you like to hold it too, I'm sure you do its pretty fun. Main reason why I just find a damn stall and peacefully fire without discussing the awesome tuna melt Steve's wife made him for lunch

6pm - ????:

5th Annual Turkey Day Beer Pong tournament. Approximately 10-14 teams of two show up. I will photograph myself wearing a champions jacket and possibly post it as well. As a former champion (and looking to become the first two-time champ with my teammate and brother-in-law) there will be pressure to perform, thus many servings of beer may be needed to pull off a victory against more practiced, much younger college kids. GET OFF MY LAWN!!

4am next morning - ?????:

Watch my kids + niece and nephew with hangover while wife tears up Black Friday, look for nearest Ginsu knife to perform perfect can-cutting self-extraction of pain receptors.


Spend often. See you on the other side.

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