Thursday, November 06, 2008

When Eating Is Not Your Friend

Wish I could bang out a couple of words on my recent poker forays but I'll be too busy today diving in and out of the bathroom thanks to my son's ability to attract viral cells and distribute them with the efficiency of army ants rebuilding their hill after disgruntled homeowners sweep one out of their garage.

For poker goodness, I suggest checking out the team of Otis and F-Train tearing up the Puerto Rico stop of the PokerStars LAPT. Scroll backwards from this post to get a feel for Ryan Fee's victory there.

I fixed the link to the wonderful Channel 4 website with cheeseheads display their lack of civic knowledge. Jay Leno-esqe video goodness is included.

With that said its Pack vs. Vikes week. How could I possibly embarrass myself this time in my bet with The Wife?

I'll leave the suggestions to you the reader as my colon's spidey sense of fecal matter is going off yet again. Long live the BRAT diet!


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