Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It May Be Snowing, But I'm Not Cold

A kind reminder that the contest for dressing up The Wife as my NFL Sunday beer bitch is still open to whoever is going to blogger meet and drink in Vegas next month. Waffles certainly came on strong (as predicted) but there's time before I hit up the pro shop close to the dome for the final Vikings accoutrements she shall don while fetching countless Cap'n Cokes (or waters depending on late night Pai Gow/Craps/Skillet drunkeness).

Waffles like yes? Sadly, no sambas.

I tried to find heels for the shoe lover but all I could find were Crocs. Hmmm... ok that's just mean.

Cami? I like.

I'll even throw in a $10 NFL wager of your choice on any team except the Packers if both I and The Wife approve of your submission.


Ever feel like you're supposed to say something, but know if you do the reprecussions may outlive the usefulness of the words. There's things at home that need to be said as I've been lost for sometime now, getting out of bed late at night to stare at the frost bitten ground and baren trees of the backyard to release thoughts that tear me apart daily. For unknown reasons the internal computer will not power down, constantly thinking of "why", "what if", and "why not" instead of enjoying the moment, the laughter, the now.

Home life has improved greatly since a year ago. The puzzle's framework is solid, but missing pieces continue to distort the final picture leaving an unfinished picture. Is it my unwillingness to live with status quo? Am I selfish for wanting reciprocation instead of a cold shoulder on most nights?

Much like the paper cuts draped across my knuckles from the recent cold wind, they hurt slowly but not enough to ruin my day and its nothing that some peppermint lotion wouldn't cure.


This story from Pokerati


Just. Give. It. Up.

Everyone from the Treasury to the banking community tells you this is a bad idea EVEN THOUGH SOME DON'T LIKE GAMBLING, yet you try to push through a bad law DURING A BANKING AND ECONOMIC SHITSTORM.

Stop listening to the bible-thumpers for two seconds and use common sense. If people who don't gamble are even saying they don't agree with the way this law passed AND the rules behind it, why cram yet another horrible chapter to your presidential legacy.

The link is the actual article on the midnight rule making found at Pokerati. Would a punny 15 year penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct to William Wichterman seem appropriate?


Tonight Mookie, tomorrow Evy Baby (I pwns jOO @ Guitar Hero!!!11oneoneone, actually no she'd kick my ass). Details are out there about the Bodoggie extra prize, I'll post em here tomorrow. Still a great tourney to play with the massive overlay and deep stacks.

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