Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mean Guys

Just one quick blurb today since the ink has run dry and nobody’s home except mindless highway observations of dickwads in $50K+ beast-mobiles that feel the need to ignore things like turn signals and train of Kindergarten kids crossing a busy intersection. I swear these Armani power suited drivers would plow through a wall of the next generation should they impede their few precious minutes getting to a Chai Tea/hamster colonic cleansing appointment.

Since I’m new to this UFC/MMA thing, please explain all the comments found at Yahoo this morning about Brock Lesnar being undeserving of a title shot regardless of short history within the octagon? And the one comment I’d like to bring out:

How can you say that Brock Lesnar is going to dominate this era? As you know,
mixed martial arts is a game of matchups. While I think Randy Couture still can
beat a lot of fighters out there, I don’t see him matching up well with Lesnar.
That leads me to believe that there are match ups (a lot of them) that are not
in Lesnar’s favor. I’m glad you mentioned Gabriel Gonzaga because he is one who
I think can beat Lesnar. I also see Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Frank Mir as
other fighters who could beat him in the UFC. Outside the UFC, Alistair Overeem,
Josh Barnett and even Cro Cop come to mind. The only people I see Lesnar beating
are brawlers (Heath Herring) and wrestlers (Couture, and I realize that Barnett
has a wrestling background but his ground game is pretty amazing), purely based
off the fact that Lesnar is too big. If he fights technically skilled fighters,
I think that Lesnar is at a huge disadvantage. Your thoughts?

Spot on. But, who's to say those "technically sound" fighters would even get a chance at an armbar or submission? Lesner IS a world-class wrestler, and former NCAA champ who went 106-5 in four years at the U of M (that's Minnesota, suck it Big Blue), given his size, speed, and being fairly technical himself how does one even tie him up like those great fights you see in the lower weight divisions? Aren't the heavyweights more brawlers going for a knockout versus the figure-four leglock?
Also noted, the submission was the reason why Lesnar has a 1 in the loss column, but doesn't his abeit brief experience in the MMA learn to avoid this for future fights?

Maybe someone with a MMA fetish out there could shine some light on the subject.


Sadly due to MN law no more Growlers of Surly will be sold past New Year's Eve, but... that doesn't stop them from passing out a special double IPA near the end of the year to those (like THIS GUY) who have Growlers at home waiting to be filled (two down, one left). If I could cuddle with a beer and offer lines of sweet, whispered nothings just for a chance to get to second base with this fine line of alcoholic beverages, Surly would be my Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls Lindsay, not clam bumping Lindsay).
Maybe its time for a new dream girl to handle the morning wood.

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