Sunday, October 18, 2009

BettingChoice UK Site Review

This being Sunday afternoon with my beloved Minnesota Vikings marching up and down the field on the Ravens during the early National Football league games, my mind wanders to my favorite to do while watching the games. True, having a pint or three of Surly would rank up there but having a few bucks on the game make it even more fun to root on the Purple.

As we skip across the pond there’s a place where degenerates and weekend punters alike can get their gamble on to all sorts of sporting and just about anything you’d like to lay a wager on. Enter BettingChoice UK with their online sportsbook betting tips and a well-kept front page of information to guide the bettor to the best UK betting sites out there. On the top left you’ll find “Top 10 Best Offers” for deposit bonuses to sites like William Hill and Ladbrokes. Scrolling down a bit is a step-ladder index to the various sports they offer guides to betting on such as golf betting tips and rugby betting tips. Checking out the golfing tips one can find articles from Scott O’Brian and Alan Benders on European Tour and PGA Tour events (here’s a quick hint I hear that Eldrick Woods guy is known to win once in a while).

Horse Racing, Cricket, Football (note to US bettors, this is soccer not the game you’re watching onthe Red Zone Channel) guides in an all-inclusive spot to give you an edge and hopefully drop a few Dollars/Pounds/Euros back in your pockets with more informed bets.

FTC disclosure: This blogger received compensation for the following review

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