Saturday, October 31, 2009


While casino play in the pits fuels the fun part of gambling, eventually you need to find a game where you hold the advantage. The house has an edge on every game inside their vaunted ceilings adorned with a taste of Italy, Paris, or Egypt. But, if the gambler doesn’t want to lay his or her fate with the spin of a wheel or the dealer turning over the next card in blackjack, they should find their way to the poker room.

Only playing poker can a person apply their skill and patience while giving themselves an edge over the other players on the felt while controlling your own fate. This author is well aware of bad beats on the river and such but you the player control whether you were in the hand in the first place. Unlike a hand of Pai Gow poker where you set your wager in the circle, separate the cards, and smile at the Asian dealer who just turned over aces full to crush your two pair, playing the cards in front of you (minus the blinds) is always your choice.

Don’t feel good about those aces? Chuck em’
Think that straight is no good versus the seven seat? Into the muck they go.

For those who can’t trek to their local casino or card room there is the online variety that I prefer. Enter a guide to poker bonus offers at, a guide for all shapes and sizes of player there’s a multitude of playing guides and a primer on current poker events both live and online.

Long time online players know the best way to beat the rake and improve their chances of a profitable day, week, month, or year is to take advantage of the bonus offers the sites routinely give to new and existing players. has easy to read guides as to how these bonuses work like the PKR Poker bonus vouchers review and Betfair poker bonus review to explain how much play is needed before claiming those freebee chips.

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