Friday, October 23, 2009

Glenn Beck Says What?

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Now, I'm not political in the least. I can name my president, vice president, speaker of the house, a few senators and congresspersons. But, when it comes to debating policy and the left-wing/right-wing/X-wing stuff my head get whipped around more than a porn starlet in the middle of a circle jerk.

While getting buff this evening at the local Lifetime Fitness (really, half your membership is paid from just the people watching), I gazed upon the Fox News Channel and something called Glenn Beck appeared on the screen. The only reason I recognized the name was due to some articles in the news recently about him and Otis expressing his displeasure towards the man's antics on more than one occasion.

Now I see why.

Tonight he was conjuring a metaphor using a couple of clips from the movie "The Untouchables". While holding a baseball bat and explaning something about the strong-armed approach of Obama's adminstration towards various issues, he used the scene of De Niro (Capone) walking around of table filled of his underbosses talking teamwork and stopping behind one of them before using hitting a home run while bashing the guy's head in similar to Gallagher ending the life of a watermelon.

Some more ranting went on, cut to the scene with a dead agent on the ground and rant about needing to "take one for the team" continued.

Wow. His show seems like a bad political cartoon come alive. If anyone would like to explain the man's antics so that I could understand such bold statements and analogies, please do so because overboard doesn't seem to be a strong enough adjective.
And next time I'll stick with watching bouncing asses and replays of the World Poker Tour.

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