Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Purple Prelude Over

Due to viral and unknown attacks to my body these past few days, the Vikings/Twins recap (or endcap for the Twins) that was written in my head (dude, it was soooooo choice) did not get put out to these pages until now. Or it could have been laughing too hard at the People of WalMart website. Some of those pics are worse than the 2 girls 1 cup (NOT LINKING IT!) video from last year, but these future Jerry Springer guests are all worth a good laugh.

And since I'm more concerned with downing five gallons of Vitamin C for the next 24 hours the awesomeness of those words will forever be embedded on the semi-rigid pillow in my bedroom that I passed out on while trying to stay up for the entertaining Jets/Dolphins game (excellent ending as shown on Sportscenter this morning).

On to the Vikes.

This week's game went as planned, they started off quickly and coasted to a win over this year's favorite to go 0-16 as the horrible St. Louis Rams were overmatched as they have been all year on both sides of the ball. Jared Allen collected more sack pelts and a touchdown as Favre threw at a 75% completion chip but was showing a bit of the wild side with more downfield passes and one head-scratching interception. That luxury of freebee give-a-aways is gone as the next three games on the Purple's schedule will determine if the team is real or just posing as a Super Bowl contender.

First, a very pissed off Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs visit the Metrodome this week. After losing to the Pats by way of pussy-footing Brady whinning like a 3-year old who didn't get the Barbie goes to Starbucks playset complete with the hot 19-year old History major as a barista and usable foam machine when he didn't get the "please don't breathe on my knees" call from the ref, then the flag was thrown and Dreamboat led the cheaters to a win. Last week the Bengals (no Bungles this year, especially with that red-hot D) scored in the last minute to yank another win from Ravens who come into the Twin Cities at 3 and 2. Matt Birk is coming home (miss him), Flacco is solid at QB, Ray Rice is heading up a stacked running back core with McGahee and McClain in the winds, and of course what will be the talk of most announcers this week is the defense.

You'll hear "defensive struggle" on the pregame shows because both sides have built their recent seasons on defense and will continue to do so. But, the Vikes' run D hasn't been as sharp as in recent years when they nearly broke the NFL record for least amount of run yards allowed in a season. But the flip side to that is more pressure on the quarterback as shown by the front four piling up sacks.

Should the Vikes come out of this nasty three game stretch (Pittsburgh at Heinz Field and what's sure to be another epic game Favre's return to Lambeau) before the bye week with a 2-1 record stamp this team as a favorite to head deep into the postseason. 1-2 or *puke* 0-3 and the prelude to the season was a bunch of smoke and mirrors to merchandise Favre as much as possible to get a new stadium (as seen by this Favre commemorative football as admonished on a Packer's fan site they've been hawking on TV like a desperate Wall Street trader on his last vile of coke and needs to close a seven figure trade by the bell or he loses his wife, stripper girlfriend, two Bentleys, and summer home in the Hamptons). I don't know who would gag more at the sight of that ball, lifelong Packer fans seeing all of Favre's PACKERS accomplishments sprayed across the Purple and Gold, or Vikes fans as being victim of several of those wins.

A-B-C Vikes, Always Be Closing. Get it done.

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