Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back to the Beach To drink at 5

See what I did there?

The BBT5 officially kicked off for me last night as part guilt and part degeneracy got the cards in the air at 9:00pm CST for The Mookie.  A long-standing blogger tournament named for a house which is probably rivaling the Duggars for most kids produced in shortest time frame via one birth canal.  Wherever you are Mookie, salute to you and your family in the future.

While my lack-dazzle play and catching a few cards preflop got me three hours deep and into the money, someone short stacked as I shoving Snowman-Tater Legs into my King-rag and flopping two pair was my undoing.  No fuss, no muss, little money, little sleep.  While the invitationals on the weekend seems like a better shot of earning one of 24 TOC seats in which the big prizes of WSOP seats sit, my weekends will be taken up with reporting on poker while taking a week off of "normal" work at the bullseye versus playing it.  My participation may vary to prevent burn out but kudos to Mr. Cant Hang who put together a structure to give away the awesome prizes put forth by Full Tilt.

Your participation, dear reader, should be towards the two open events during the week (see BBT5 link above for details), unless of course you are an active poker blogger yourself and have a golden ticket to the invitational.

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Tonight is normally reserved for poker on the non-sober side but with the rabid 3am to midnight shift of human activity yesterday, I may need to be a pussy and fall asleep before sleep falls on me.  Besides my wife needs encouragement on the beach volleyball courts while various women in different stages of beachwear, bounce around with an open bar in visible crawling range. 

The things I do to keep a happy marriage, where's my "Bestest Husband EVER" award?

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Wolfshead said...

Oh, the suffering you have to put up with. The agony.