Sunday, April 18, 2010

Battle of the Blogger Tournament: El Cinco Edition

Gotta be in it to win it.

Skip over to Poker From the Rail or Al's place on the internets for the details.

WSOP Seats Now Available

After staying at till 3:30am this morning with another glorious crash-and-burn before the final table in a $2 rebuy ($2K to the winner, I got $34 and a headache worthy of two bottles worth of Excedrin for 29th place), my attendance will hinge on being awake for the 6pm CST start time.

Especially after doing a 5K run at 9am this morning at Midway Stadium:  Home of the St. Paul Saints that does not allow people to do the Wave nor can you wear a necktie (true statement, disclosure found at the front gate).  Perfect weather outside, made even better today with only a breeze passing through.  The "Running of the Pigs" (as of 2:00pm Sunday the stats/photos were not out yet but I finished in 30:25 which included me walking almost a dozen times) started out with the son and daughter units doing a quick half-mile run.  It wasn't a competitive run with medals but we try to get the kids to finish as fast their little legs can carry themselves.  Instead we were treated to Kyra giving up half-way through and watching Wyatt run backwards while doing some sort of parade princess waving to the crowd despite being in last place.

Now, time for that nap as Pavano just got tagged for a few runs as I envy the folks enjoying the game and beautiful weather at Target Field.

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