Monday, April 12, 2010

Shooting Lefty Until Righty Feels Better

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Good thing the front page actually had more praise for Lefty among the major newspapers and web-zines instead of someone who finished in a tie for fourth.  Personally I'll admit to being a huge Tiger Woods fan, the glut of focus on the golfer is starting to reach Brett Favre heights (by the way Brett, any time you're ready sir, no need to drop by Jay Leno's set).  The real test for Mr. Woods will be at a golf tournament where the security and decorum measures are not aligned with a Presidential State dinner.

Some busty attention whore running across the 14th fairway at the TPC of Scottsdale to get 10 minutes of web fame is going to happen in time with "reality stars" carry zero shame to gain Youtube hits.  It's going to happen, not if, but when.  One will hope that the 76 year old golf ranger will run down the chick before someone's iPhone or pocket recorder picked up at Target for less than $100 films the lead story for the week on Sportcenter.  I wouldn't even be surprised if she has a website tramp-stamped on her back.


White ball golf aside it was a weekend to be outside as Minnesota's weather was nothing short of perfect all weekend.  I managed two rounds in between the normal running around that a family does.  Normally that meant plunking down $50-$75 on a round, plus drinks before, during, and after with losing a half dozen balls to various places in which water resides.  Instead I paid zero green fees, walked at my own pace with my family (ok, my daughter's little legs got a bit tired and needed a boost), and I even made a few pars.  Disc Golf has been the choice of stress relief lately, thanks to a unknown shoulder injury that feels like a torn rotator cuff but a dull pain of an overworked muscle, I have had zero desire to play "real" golf and softball for that matter.

The first round was at Central Park in Brooklyn Park which has a nice 9 hole layout that's fairly open and includes a great wide-open downhill shot from the top of a sizable hill.  Throw in a park for the kids to wander off to, and you've got free family entertainment.

Next one was over in Plymouth at Plymouth Creek where the setting was carved into a forest, and reminded me more of the Timmons Park course I played while in G-Vegas last month.  This 12 hole run was very challenging as there were shots over water, aside from water, and some godless person put in this 480 foot monster hole in which I had my best drive of the day of about 180-200 feet AND STRAIGHT!, but only reached the ladies tees and contained a very small window of fairway that did not produce wetness.  This course even came equipped with juniors tees with signs pointing the direction of the basket.  One, small note if you do visit the course that hole #1 is at the far of the parking lot, as pointed out by the stroller toting family that was teeing off hole #10 when I arrived with wife, daughter, and son who held his own orange Innova disc.

You will need to listen to my dirt filled adventures here since my shoulder doesn't feel like it's going to heal up any time soon and well, I'm having a blast playing!  Go for a second round?  Free!  Only cost your dignity of watching your disc hit a tree over and over.


Today notes the start of a brand new ball park in which I was allowed by wear Twins colors to work.  The broadcasting started a 5am as Kirby get a statue and after 10 hours of hoopla, they'll actually play a game (why against the Red Sox and not a divison rival??).  Just saw Frankie "Sweet Music" Viola is going to be here with...  Shannon Stewart?   Ok, not who'd I with but someone from each of the pennant winners will be on hand to get the flag flying as the 2010 World Champions flag will be hung by Joe Mauer of course.  Oh, they have to play out the season.  For shame.  I thought I'd get my $20 from Pauly just based on the quick start by the best lineup this franchise as seen since 1991.


Bloody P said...

Plymouth Creek is crazy fun and crazy hard.

You every play Bassett Creek? Challenging, but not super hard.

Just off of 100 and 36th Ave in Crystal.

Drizztdj said...

You're the third person to suggest that one. Will make it a deal to go there this weekend on my last weekend off for a month.