Tuesday, June 15, 2010

High(er) Rolling Rant

There were no less than three posts written this weekend while driving to the trailer/cabin in Hinckley.  Since my cell phone does not double as a mobile office and can barely receive text messages but can ass-dial certain writers to remind them to eat their veggies and be sure to have a clean plate after dinner, this space remained dormant aside from a poker brag on Sunday while tooling around in the afternoon.

While my low-rolling online self will not change anytime soon since our government insist on throwing wispy laws towards the likes of PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Bodog.  Rules that make it harder, not impossible for online degens to get their fix of four card crack and mega-satellites to the World Series of Poker Main Event.  The holy grail of satellites.  The endorsements.  BJ Nemeth and Flipchip taking YOUR picture with that pile of cash along side of an increasing better Norman Chad doing the post-game interview sometime after Minnesotans return to below zero temperatures.  That's November not August despite urban legends that it's cold up here.  It is, but it's a dry cold.

The UIGEA.  Is all about what's wrong with our government and aside from the political circus going on in g-Vegas' home state, the reason why this voter without a political affliation will ever pick a party to follow.  You, Bob Goodlatte, despite taking money FROM gambling sources sneak in a line detail that threatens the employement of my friends. You whine when people who even oppose gambling say it was backhanded and terribly obtuse law, and use your poltical ties to force others into this thinking.  As my friends have toiled in the Amazon room for the past few weeks, and will continue to do so until the November Nine are named, they are working for less and less as the ambiguity of this law prevents their sites from running a business without the threat of a FBI/CIA/Starsky and Hutch ban stick being waved over their heads and make the profits that they should be. 

While James Dempsey and Sammy Farha battle it out for the $10K Omaha Hi/Lo bracelet this morning, doubts of future events being so grand are in question.  By this time next year we could have the road laid out for legalization of online poker.  You know, something that several states have done legally in brick and mortar casinos/cardrooms and had prior to your nanny state law. This this isn't meth or some hard drug that currently gets you thrown in jail for possesion, instead this is a game that is dealt 24/7 in most states and at worse you get thrown to the floor for being an asshole after slow-rolling the nuts on that 85 year old Korean War vet who caps his cards with a Purple Heart while playing $2/$4 limit daily with a huge "I'm a 10 Percenter" button over his black suspenders. 

There's no law against being a dick, but there is one because some people choose to play virtually versus driving 45 minutes (or more) to play live.  Stop being a dick Bob and let people play how they choose versus how you and your morally twisted backers think everyone should act with THEIR MONEY.  Do I walk into congress and demand you cease plunking down $50K+ on that country club membership, or a third Porsche because I think it's a waste of money?  No.  You earned it, you get to spend it.  Just like this weekend after a friend's advice to "Bet More", I did so.  Playing $25 to $75 hands of blackjack and Pai Gow for three hours with money I earned through my second job.  The rush for someone who normally makes less than $20/hour was worth more than the $300 I took away from the high stakes area and got a touch of the high life even if it was in a backwater casino located in a fly-over state.

My money, my choice.  Your money, your choice.  This is America, land of freedom to fuck up if you want to, stop being a hypocrite.

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