Sunday, June 13, 2010

PLO: I Fail To Suck again

Missed my son's baseball practice and was worried I was going to min-final table cash as I came into the last nine with the least amount of chippies.


We don't post pictures of min cashes here

Oberdonk had me at least four to one HUs holding just five big blinds. I took the extra $50 to chop it up and the small timer had another decent score under his belt. Sorry again for the dust rising in this space as my last week of school's first quarter ends and well, there's some work to do aside from the three jobs I've been juggling. And dropping the ball on my head this point would make those mornings of not being able to see straight all for naught.



KenP said...


You gotta love rebuys. I've watched people rebuy to the point they had to final table to break even. When you throw in it being PLO, you see one of the few places that can pay off 100:1 to first place.

I played them profitably like regular tournaments and even hoped I didn't need the addon. Then I'd sit there and watch guys rebuy another stack that had a single digit M.

BamBam said...