Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Toddler + Confined Area = Headache

Yes, he's cute to look at and talk to. He'll amaze you with his ability to ask for more in sign language (but doesn't specify what he wants more of). He'll even turn on the water fountain... and cry when you don't want any more. Sigh. The visit to my mother-in-law went about as good as you could ask. She's in good spirits after getting some plates and screws inserted in her ankle this morning. Little Drizz decided after 2 minutes of visiting he wanted to make the hallway his personal racetrack. Of course the nurses and visitors didn't help by encouraging him to run towards them. Trying to snarf down a double cheeseburger and fries from McD's and holding a 35 pound kicking toddler at the same time wasn't the easiest of feats.

After the visit to the hospital, we got home in time to watch the Rob and Amber show or as CBS calls it "The Amazing Race". Week after week they incorporate their "Survivor" scheming into victory after victory on this show. The first bullet fired was when Rob went outside the hotel and bribed the cab waiting for the girl's team to take him, after he offered more money then the ladies. The plan didn't hold much weight as the ladies got to the checkpoint in time for the start of tonight's leg of the race. The second bullet fired was at a Road Block where the contestants have to finish a stunt before moving on. Tonight's stunt was eating FOUR POUNDS of different meats and well, stuff... like brains. Yuck. After an hour or so of trying to eat all the meat Rob decides he can't do it and takes a 4 hour penalty from the time the next team reaches the stunt. The real kicker is how he gets two other teams that arrive AFTER them to also sit out and take the penalty, thereby assuring that they would not finish last. Brilliant! Need a new CEO to make cuts and improvement to your company? Boston Rob to the rescue!

I was itching to play a little poker, trying to get in some more NLHE play before I take on the sharks in Vegas on Sunday. Fired up an NLHE SnG on Stars and decided to play a ring game on Party as long as the SnG went. Being tired already I was hoping the SnG would take 30 minutes or so... it took 1.5 hours. Sigh. But... that wasn't a bad thing, since the ring game started off horribly when an uberfish chased down trips vs. my TPTK, and cracked my AA with JTo with a rivered four card flush vs. my set (he checked the river for a free showdown). But, PRESTO magic hit while I was heads-up on Stars, and I doubled up off a flopped set of 3s. There was a horrible amount of set over sets on that table including set of Kings vs. a rivered set of Aces. Ouch.

My bust out hand on Stars was interesting, not sure if I played it correctly....

73s in the BB, SB calls, I check: Flop is 8 5 4 and the 5 4 are of my suit. I have an inside straight flush draw. The SB and I have the same stacks @ T6000 chips. He fires out a T1200 bet. My opponent had been fairly loose aggressive throughout the match, but able to lay down a hand when I went over the top of him. I figured a big semi-bluff of going all-in would do the trick... nope. He called with JTs not of any suits on the board. I can understand the bet, but not the call by my opponent with only two overcards. My suit nor a 6 fell and my opponent took the cash home. Another cash in a SnG though which is nice to see after my horrible experiences with them in previous months.

I opened up my Pokertracker guide last night and thumbed thru a couple of pages. Not enough to write about a review yet but I can already see some features that I never used in there and should increase my usage of Pokertracker ten fold. Hope to write something more concrete before Sunday.

Yet another weather report from Vegas on, now its average of 10 degrees warmer but with more cloud cover then before next week. Perhaps Little Drizz could help them out with their next report by mashing the keys on their keyboards and coming up with the new weather outlook for next week.

Hope there's no snow in your area, god forbid we ever get through a freckin day without snow here in Minnesota. Later.

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