Monday, June 13, 2005

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Got this song stuck in your head?

Good. Me too.

If there's a blogger out there who didn't want the plane/car to immediately take a U-turn back to the land of sin please raise your hand.

No one?

Even with a tumbler of Cap'n Coke, turning on the fake casino noises on an online casino, firing up PartyPoker and having the wife walk by in revealing clothing didn't substitute throwing the cards in the air with you fine people.

Lets do it again sometime.

Soon. Like this afternoon. Ok, maybe Decemeber after I've won a couple of the $500K guarantee tourneys at Stars. Hey, a man can dream, right? Otis can I get a chip count? I kid I kid.

Lee Jones: Great game by by the drow blogger from the nordic state of Minnesota, how are you going spend that $125K?

Drizztdj: I plan on doing Vegas right and moving up to the $4/$8 tables next time!

Lee Jones: Wimp.

Yeah, that's me. Mr. Won't-Take-A-Shot. A three month slump will do that to you. Despite having plenty of roll to play higher in Vegas, I didn't. Hell, I bet more playing Pai Gow Poker then I did while playing the real thing. How to get over this hump? Yell at the monitor and beg the pixels not to call my semi-bluff raises? There's a comedy factor there but that still doesn't increase the most important number in poker.

Your bankroll.

You are playing for money (unless your playing for play chips which is fine), more money, more bankroll, higher limits, better lap dances. Its the difference between going to Vegas for the WSOP or watching it on ESPN two months later. But, as stated, I've been on a slide lately and the bankroll has stayed about the same minus the Vegas funds which will now be used as my live bankroll should certain other Minnesota bloggers want to take a trip to Canterbury in the near future (I'll be out there for Father's Day to watch the races).

Last night was the start of something promising. I cleared the recent Party reload bonus AND profited from my play. Making money while playing poker, what a concept! Unfortunately I resorted to four-tabling the .50/1 tables since I got back from the cabin later then expected last night and it had to be cleared by 10am this morning (No, I cannot play at work). I became a calling station while playing O8 which quickly depleted my winnings from the one NLHE game I was playing. Bonus whoring monkey mode poker just isn't fun, unless you have some sexy ladies to chat with. Thanks guys :)

To answer Joanne's question from last night: A Professional Baseball player

This week hopefully there will be rain (its wet already this morning) and I don't feel like playing softball this week. Playing four days in a row last week and getting 4-5 hours of sleep per night is too much for this old man. You may begin to play the smallest violin in the world blah blah blah.

Thanks for dropping by, now go here and wait two hours for your table to be ready. Wish the state senate would wake up and see that allowing them to expand would generate more tax dollars. At least they did see the popularity of the game when passing the bar poker bill last week.

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