Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Things That Annoy You

A couple of thoughts swirled around me while fulfilling my stay as resident cube monkey yesterday that managed to annoy me despite my glow from the recent trip to Vegas (how many times will the Vegas trip get mentioned in the various poker blogs? too many and not enough.).

Sick Woman In The Cube Across From Me - Please if you find your lung hanging out on your germ riddled desk, go home. Coughing and spewing up the contents of your insides at work does not make for a pleasant workplace. Even listening to Styx and Dokken can't relax me while this walking bio-hazard comes to work everyday to pass on her wonderful strain of influenza. Thanks.

Adding Cost To Favorite Treats - I like ice cream. A lot. I didn't have my wallet yesterday as I entered the small "convenience shop" they have in the building so I grabbed $1.50 out of my change drawer to pay for a drumstick ice cream cone (vanilla is my favorite) and the local paper. $1.00 for the ice cream, $.50 for the comics and sports page, every day the same price for a year. Except yesterday. Much to my shock and awe the cost of the drumstick went up.... a nickel. Sigh. No ice cream yesterday left me a very cranky cube jockey. Who comes up with raising prices a nickel? Do people enjoy giving out $.95 in change? I'll be 12 tabling the .02/.04 tables at Stars so I can afford my next dairy treat. Greedy bastards.

From the workplace to the homeplace....

People who limp with monsters in a multi-way pot - Whoa, poker content. Granted it was small buy-in tourney at Stars, but this fancy play had me thinking. If you have KK (or AA) and there's 2 limpers, a raise, a caller and its on you wouldn't you want to take down the pot right there? It borderlines excellent slow-play (if the board cooperates) and stupid fancy-play syndrome. Joanne, who was playing the tournament with me last night (hope you made the money again) agreed it was pretty stupid to risk vs. potentially 5 people to see the flop. I'd like to wrack the brain-trust of other bloggers/readers here (especially since the majority of you have much more poker experience then I).

Should KK or AA be slow-played, early in a multi-table tournament with multiple players to the flop for the potential triple or quadruple up? The risk/reward to me doesn't make sense, you're only a few percentage favorite over 3-4 randome hands and if you can't get away from a big pair, you're risking your tournament life when you could have had a relatively risk-free pot that was already built. Please chime in if you have seen/done this in a tournament and the results.

Special thanks to Maigray who came to sweat me from the rails last night and dropped this golden phrase:

Jopke hats are currently outcashing Hellmuth in the WSoP

I woke my wife up laughing from that. She lacked the same amusement that I did.

Thanks for the dropping by, now go check out Paul Phillips' blog and see what a well-written blog actually sounds like. Or rather reads like because there's no.... I'll shut up now. Have good one folks :)

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