Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hammer To Fall

"Yeah, toe your line and play their game. Yeah, let the anaesthetic cover it all. Till one day they call your name. You know it's time for the hammer to fall - yeah"

Queen "Hammer to Fall"

Play that hammer wisely and it will return its investment with interest :) I'm Queen fan (anyone else out there?), love their music, in fact I'm rocking to it while in my home for the next ten hours as a corporate building block. I think that's the latest motivational slogan next to "Giving 110%" and "You Are *Insert name of company here*".

Ok, so I'm not easily motivated, but I've worked for the company off and on for 12 years so that says something. I enjoy it here. Great people, bosses have usually been pretty cool, and even though the movitational posters/activities sometime get more syrupy then a hit Britney Spears song its a fun place to work.

Why do I feel like I'm missing something?

I found out the position I wanted to shoot for now requires an MBA. Sigh. By the time I'd complete the degrees, first my bachelors (I have an A.A.), then the MBA courses. I'll be not only belt high in debt again, I'll need to put in my teeth just to complete the first round of interviews. Going back to school isn't an option, unless I take down 6,600 poker players at the WSOP main event. Plus, I don't have the motivation to move up the corporate ladder anymore as I did 5-7 years ago when I was a lowly credit collector calling people and listening to their excuses on why they couldn't pay their $20 monthly payment because they added the Sports package from Direct TV and didn't want to miss out on that cricket game of Bangladesh vs. Vietnam.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a happy where I am at. I make a decent wage, the bills get paid on time, Little Drizz gets a new Baby Einstein video every once in a while, status quo and excessive commas are nice. But, there's a nagging in the back of my head that I'm missing out on something. Maybe I need to hop down to Deja Vu and get that 3-way in the champagne room that I've heard about (the women need to be tall and blonde of course). This limbo in-between being content and wanting more. I guess that's where online poker comes in.

I get to be daring, I get to wager money, I get to be a risk taker that I cannot normally be due to family obligations. Granted I'm moving slowly up the limits ladder but I'm doing it at a pace that gives me the freedom to take shots, yet not play so scared that I'm giving up bets. And it still gives me a rush. It sedates that need for adventure, night after night of playing. Yes, the suckouts hurt, but its the rush that keeps me going. I know its no complete substitute to sitting at a real poker table with some 3-week old cheese smelling guy or a stripper who was gracious enough to give you a full view of her new $3,000 chest everytime she scooped a pot. Its the satisfaction that can I compete with others in some medium nightly; a good thing for an aging athlete like me. In a few years I won't be able to hit that softball 400 feet, or hit that quick set straight down before the 10 foot line. But I'll still have poker... barring a bankroll declimination.

Oh, I broke a string of non-cashes in a MTT last night. Yes, its was a dollah tourney in my best game, but $2.61 for 27th out of 382 has never felt better :)

Thanks for dropping by, now its time for The Hammer to Fall!

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