Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Yes I Can, But I Don't Do Windows

No poker to speak of last night because softball ran a little later than usual last night. Who knew an 8 inning co-ed game would take almost as long as my doubleheader men's league plus an Amstel Light in the parking lot. We won the game 5 - 4, no this wasn't fast pitch softball, no there wasn't a 35 mph wind blowing straight in, yes I did remember to wear my cup thanks for asking.

I was hoping to jump into a dollah tourney at Stars sans lock ups and shut outs (I hope conductivity issues have been taken care of....) but got home too late, sorry Joanne :( Tonight, I'll load up on all the bad beat stories and whining you can handle, pending some chores that have been laid out by the loving and patient wife. She's setting up another garage sale this weekend over at my sister's house and guess who's loading up all the heavy stuff? Lucky me. If I'm lucky we'll hit up Culver's for a delicious bacon butterburger and mint chocolate malt. That certainly sounds more appetizing then the mystery, ice-crystal'd leftovers I brought for lunch today. Should lunch be a flop I can fall back on the Rice Krispy treat I stole from my wife. I'm such the bad boy, livin on the edge baby! Sigh.

On the poker front, Absolute offered me a "please come back" swag package. I've been tentative so far in accepting it, because I'm on the fence about this site. Lack of direct hard drive recorded hand histories and funky NL slide bet bars are two negatives. But, you can't beat the availablity of their bonuses, freerolls, and fairly soft tourneys. The ring games tend to be a little more of a challenge but you can always count on two or three maniacs to score a profitable night for you. Just stay away from the sharks, and they'll let you know who they are with a subtle check-raise or a flop smooth call and popping the turn. Not to mention you can match wits with Mark Seif in the $25/$50 game if you feel like playing the newly minted WSOP bracelet winner.

Decisions, decisions. Then I get an email for an EmpirePoker bonus for a $100 reload bonus (is this a "bait" bonus???). I have enough to max both bonuses but I feel like this is slipping me back into bonus whoring mode. Exactly what I don't want. But, if I'm going to play higher stakes, why not take advantage of a little bit of overlay? I know its only $2/$4 and $3/$6 not exactly BIG games, well its barely low-stakes, but its a step in the right direction for me. Passing up free cash seems kind of stupid doesn't it? If one table gave back a dollar for every hand of blackjack you played in Vegas, you'd play that table over a table you can offer the dealer insurance when you get blackjack right?

Ok, R.E.O. Speedwagon just came up on the iPod, so its Time For Me To Fly :) Hey, hey no throwing stuff at me!

Thanks for dropping by, now if you're too lazy for to do your own chores I'd suggest these folks. A couple of friends worked there back in college and had some rather disturbing stories of what they saw people's homes. I won't repeat the stories to protect the innocent perverts.

Have a good hump day folks!

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