Monday, November 07, 2005

Day 5: Tournament Challenge "The Quest for Mediocrity"

Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of all of Drizz’s NFL picks coming in yesterday, except for Steve McCan’ts team losing to lowly Cleveland.

Shame on you!

Replenished sportbook accounts mean I’m freerolling for the next three weeks. I’ll start up my awkward white boy victory dance now.

Why didn’t I wager with a certain Michigan blogger prior to the Vikes/Lions game yesterday? I guess I’ll just have to float in the pool of blissful ignorance to the Vikings problems as they stomped a team with no offense yesterday. O-Line looked like a wrecking ball knocking down the the Lions’ D with the nasty attitude of a two-year old that just got his grape-flavored sucker taken away from him. Not that I’d know how bad those tantrums are of course. SKOL VIKINGS! At least till next week :P

Wish I’d had time to do my usual Drizz the Greek weekend post yesterday, but time was short due to a family poker tournament I helped set up, that included a spread of food Andre the Giant would have had a tough time finishing.

Bacon wrapped mini-hot dogs coated with brown sugar, wings, cookies, cheesy po-ta-toes, BBQ meatballs, four types of cookie bars, and a dash of alcohol if that was your thing. I stuck with water since my head was hurting from downing IM-a-shots with the bloggers the night before. My unspectacular 9th place finish out of 21 came from a blind push with Q4 vs. 53, and once again my grandparents knocked me out. I think I wronged AARP or something, and I’ll have to be extra wary in Decemeber about getting into a pot with the 65 and older crowd.


Anyone watch Extreme Home Makeover?

C'mon admit you watch this.

Usually I kiss the wife on the cheek and head downstairs to flash my skills of peddling the nuts on the virtual felt, but I decided to take in this show about a mother who adopts children with disabilities and raises them to be independent.


I don’t think the best actor/actress could conjure up the feelings they show while visiting the Children’s hospital or building a specially designed piece of furniture. Yeah, it seems cheesy each week with the same format, but why does it reel me in?

It’s the people they help and the sincerity that they do it with.

Sure the sponsors are getting free advertising, and the design crew is getting paid a princely sum, but the winners are those families they give a second chance to. Ty, that bullhorn thing you do every show is just A TAD ANNOYING, but your spirit and heart make up for it. And did anyone check out the wrestler? Holy shit man, that dude dominated. Someone from the WCW or whatever they’re calling it these days, should be trying to sign him up for a cage match with HHH or The Iron Sheik.


Day 5:

Full Tilt NLHE WPBT Live Tourney Shootout $10 + $1
PokerStars $20 + $2 NLHE 180 person SnG
PokerStars $15 + $1 NLHE turbo SnG

I had to fudge a little bit with the final SnG instead of a MTT because I was falling asleep in front of the monitor, in fact if a certain GQ model wasn’t kicking some donkey ass at the $8K guarantee on Full Tilt and providing me with more tourney pointers, I might fell out of my chair from exhaustion.

Full Tilt NLHE WPBT Live Tourney Shootout $10 + $1: Chip leader early, chip leader half way thru, out 11th. I didn’t get passive, but coin flips were the death of me once again as I went 0 fer 3 with AK. I did manage one suckout with KJ vs. Derek’s JJ a flopping broadway, but it wasn’t meant to be. I flopped top two with AKs vs. Gracie’s JJ, she rivered a four flush. You need to get lucky at the right time, including the coin flips, because you can only steal so many blinds before you get played back at. Congrats to birthday boy CJ and Bill Fillmaff disciple -EV who are the first two bloggers to make the final table in Vegas. There was some damn good poker being played at the final table, excellent job guys! 11th out of 30.

PokerStars $20 + $2 NLHE 180 person SnG: I could whine a river about the bad beats here… so I will. KK vs. AK, Ace flops. QQ vs. KJ when I re-raised, King flops and a continuation bet was pissing away money since his screen did not contain a fold button while calling down three other hands with second and third pair, too passive here? Out 83rd out of 180. Missed opportunities indeed, because I doubled up on the first hand when another fancy play Rembrandt limped with AA into five people and I flopped trips and rivered a boat with KT in the unraised BB. Well played sir.

PokerStars $15 + $1 NLHE turbo SnG: CASHOLA! Started aggressive, stayed aggressive. Backed off when the monkeys were flinging poo at each other and took my chip and a chair late in the tourney from 5th to a cashing at 3rd. The button pushed every orbit so I made my stand with A9 in the SB… to see him turn over the Hiltons. Nice job Drizz. 3rd out of 9. Winnings $27.00

Total amount spent (to date): -$253.50
Total amount won (to date): +$56.56
Cash game winning/loses: +$350.00 (approximate)
Balance: +$153.06

I hit my first true nut-nut hand in PLO8, nailing a straight flush plus a wheel at BoDog. Got a ¾th but with three people stacking off it was still very profitable. Also, managed smaller wins at Bet365 (they’re giving away $10 per 50 hands raked again this month) and Full Tilt. I’m loosing up my starting hand requirements for these tables since many times people are betting heavily with straights on flush boards, flushes on paired boards, and showing down 3rd or 4th nut lows. Nut peddle to the metal baby… and an occasional steal ;)

Thanks for dropping by, now go check out Sir Waffle’s tips on playing internet blackjack. He won Pauly’s tournament this weekend so he’ll have some more virtual chips to double down with.

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