Tuesday, November 29, 2005


JORDAN!! Just saying that rang “Hangin Tough” off in my head and reminded me of my days as a skinny math geek at Northview Junior High. No poker last night since I managed to fall asleep watching cartoons with Little Drizz in the early evening (can you tell I'm ready for Vegas?).


Instead of my usual bitch and moan post, I thought I’d pimp some blogs that have been added to my daily reading roll.

StB: Listing “80s Hair Bands” as favorite music always gets a plus in my book! This investment banker from Mill-wah-kay (anyone else remember Alice Cooper describing Milwaukee in Wayne’s World? No? I’ll shut up now) has been blogging longer then I and describes drinking beers in cases rather then single numbers. Oof.

TraumaPoker: Trauma is a fellow PLO8 degenerate who brings the action and gets the nut-sitters off their game. His style of ramming-and-jamming has been very profitable and has me re-tooling my aggression in these games. He also is the co-champion of the Heads-Up Challenge #2, watch out for this guy shorthanded.

Poker Poison: She’s a heads-up specialist who enjoys taunting the boys via IMs into taking her on in HU matches. If you do manage to beat her, there’s some sexy about getting cursed in rapid-fire Spanish. I kid I kid.

TenMile: His soft Garrison Kellior storytelling voice about poker and rural life takes you down a pebble crusted road into his adventures on the virtual felt.

Tao of Poker: NYC blogger with a weakness for stripp... Oh, you’ve heard of Pauly? Well, go check out his tips on surviving a weekend with the bloggers in Vegas. The suggestions are gold, learn them. Since there are no marital restraints for Drizz this time I’m gonna need some kind of direction… towards the strip clubs :D

Change100: LA chick with a penchant for kicking in drywall and enjoying some herbal remedies after her aces get cracked. Remind me to wear a cup at the tables playing against her.

Columbo: Newer blogger who penned a post about my former addiction (Dark Age of Camelot) and plays in the same games as my current addiction (Omaha 8 or better). He’s got some cool WPBT hats made up. Go check em out!

Tonight I will be hunting down an O8 tournament to play in (shocking, I know). I really need to brush up on my limit game if I’m going to take a shot at that mixed game at the Wynn, or any O8 game in Vegas.

Note to self: Put down that Juggs magazine and start reading some Ray-Zee for the next week.

Thanks for dropping by, now click on the bloggers above as they are far more entertaining then this scribble.

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