Sunday, November 27, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 12 NFL Picks

Ah, nothing like doing the weekly cleaning to a construction worker telling you where you can hang out with all the boys.

Bless this iPod.

Ok then, I finished up Weekend at Pauly's somewhere around 12th or 13th place overall. Not a bad haul for someone who sucks at tourneys and can't win a coin flip to save his life. Yesterday's card death ended with AQ vs. JJ, I didn't improve.

Without further ado, here's the picks you should avoid today!

Two-team parlays:

Vikes -4, 49ers +8.5 (Don't bet on your team is good advice, but gosh darn it I think the Vikes have a little mo-men-tim)

Raiders -7, Seachickens -5.5 (Shawn Alexander will rush for 5 million yards and Randy Moss will break out of his wallflower mode today)

Vikes/Browns Over 38, Rams -4 (yes I don't learn my lesson about betting on the Rams)

Three team parlay:

Bungles -10, Chiefs -3, Panthers -4 (the Panthers line today looks like a solid investment)

6 Point Teaser:

Pats +9, Bungles -4, Cards +10 (throwing away money here as usual, but Teaser bets are fun!)

Enjoy your NFL Sunday, I just got digital cable and plan on rocking to Arena Rock during the games while being shown in HD!

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