Monday, November 30, 2009

Playing the Bully

- I read the short article on the Hadron Collider achieving a new beachmark that only those with scientific backgrounds or teaching would understand. Immediately after reading I visualized Christopher Lloyd hopping around after being told he would need 1.21 gigawatts to send Marty back to the future. Anyone know exactly what the end game is for that thing?

- Thanksgiving rocked as I shaved almost two minutes off my time at the Lifetime Fitness Turkey Trot in downtown Minneapolis from last year. Working out helped, but I had to stop three separate times from being winded, we won't mention the late night of online poker and still carrying a buzz to the starting line. One negative was the mass of people you needed to weave through to run at EVERY point of the race. In year's past after the half mile marker it would expand and you could just pick your line and run versus hitting the hole between the tackles every five seconds.

- Last night/this morning was PokerStars' monthly Turbo Takedown and Battle of the Planets promotions. Seriously, if you want free money playing SnGs or some use out of those FPPs end up these promos (it makes it more fun to have someone to root for, like Alexandre Gomes making it really deep in the Turbo Takedown yesterday). My own poker play sees a possiblity of hitting GoldStar status which relates to playing way too fuckin much lately. But I need the practice especially with the annoucement of Up for Poker's last longer challenge. PokerStars is adding $2,000 to the prize pool for the team challenge which will be won by three drunks representing Team Wheelchair, so just enjoy sipping on those Mike's hard lemonades while the champs steamroll the bloggers to victory.

10 days shopping days for bust out prizes at the tourney folks. After watching the kids for my Black Friday rabid wife this weekend I'll be taking a little time this week purchasing things my wife will just return and a little gift for the person lucky enough to take me out.

- The Vikes game yesterday avoided the trap, exposed the gaping weakness of the immortal Purple Jesus via two fumbles (one lost, one should-have-been-lost), and more Favre to Rice/Harvin/Berrian/Shinacoe magic. Going into the season I assume the aging Favre would play field general and hang back in the tent with the radios and maps in the command center instead of going all King Leonidas on the ass of opposition and chucking spears into the hearts of those who oppose. 36 times in Favre's career he has thrown three interceptions in a game, this YEAR he has thrown three interceptions TOTAL in 11 games.

A personal season-long "F U" to Ted Thompson or just taking advantage of an offense that seems to improve with every game? The defense also continues to excel even without Winfield's contributions as they gave up a very nice touch pass by Sulkathor that hit Knox in perfect stride for the touchdown. Aside from that 147 yards passing and 43 rushing yards given up and they didn't have a late third/fourth quarter letdown.

A comment from Yahoo sports: Let me do this in a way that might get your attention...... ready...... BEAT A REAL FOOTBALL TEAM, BEFORE YOU GO BRAGGING ABOUT YOUR GREATNESS!!!1 Something tells me the way they are playing it won't matter who they're playing, there's no team in the NFL clicking the way the Purple is right now on both ends of the ball. Not the Colts, not the Saints, not the Pats.

1998 indeed. SKOL!

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