Monday, March 04, 2013

109 days

Current mood:  Walking dead

Eight weeks down for the quarter, three toughest weeks left.

Much like the half marathon in G-Vegas, the first part of the race seemed to go too fast, and then the hills around mile eight.  Not inclines. But hills.  The professors are nice enough to pack large research papers all in the last three weeks of every course, however those weeks do not open up on the online course until the Friday before that particular week.  For example:  Week 10 with the research papers due the assignment will not open until this Friday.

But, being a person of mild intelligence, I took a strategic day off between now and the final day of the quarter to attack any and all academic hills regardless of difficulty or blandness.

Or I might just wander around the house naked watch HBO to Go on my iPad with a 128oz. tumbler of Captain and Coke.  It's a toss-up.

For those who can and have the means to, PokerStars is put on their fourth edition of the MicroMillions next week.  While it hurts to sit on the sidelines and report on tournaments that I would love to jump in and maybe hit a lucky string for some coin, they do an awesome job for the low rollers like myself plus they get the Sunday Majors/EPT coverage treatment with the reporting crew.  While reporting is great and I will be on the reporting team for this one, I miss being able to play.

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