Tuesday, March 19, 2013

94 days

Current mood:  Neither here or there

Three days left in the hardest quarter of this whole return to academia thing and the last piece should be a cakewalk.

This is short on purpose due to herding cats inside my mind and wrapping up the four classes along with planning out my 20th+ journey to Vegas next week.  Not a usual Pai Gow at 5 in the morning at the Gold Coast with a row of leftover vultures in La Perla (or more likely the three for three bucks bundled panty pack from Wal-Mart) looking to pick my bones clean but instead giving my money to the curvy pit boss who always seems to wear red like she works at Target.

No, this trip with feature the kids and paying back my parents for being the awesome bedrocks of support after we decided to become birthers nine years ago.  Yes, there will be (hopefully) some Moscow Mules with a couple hot local ladies if their schedules workout.  Yes, I have demanded my father sit at a Pai Gow table with me which may scar him for life.  Yes, I will have fun but just not the usual lets drink for 24 hours straight and end up dancing naked with the dealertainers of the Imperial Pal...  oh fuck THAT. 

I will report from our favorite spot on the strip becoming "modernized" with fake bartenders, fake dealers, and "clean" floors with working front doors.  I liked the surly dealers and the ones who actually put an effort into looking like they were have fun too. The broken front doors with caution tape draped across it since 2003 were a symbol of awesomeness, probably like regular gamblers looking back on places like The Dunes or Frontier.

We'll see if they did right. 

3 days to quarter end
7 days to Vegas
95 days so I can weep like a child getting his first Atari 2600 game.  

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