Sunday, March 17, 2013

96 days

Current mood:  Appetite for Destruction

After finishing up the latest wrap for the MicroMillions 4series there was a decision that most people make at around 5 o’clock on a Saturday night.  Go out or watch a Matlock AARP-a-thon.  As a wise-ass once said “No good stories come from sitting on the couch with your dick in your hand and Andy Griffith on the TV”.

Despite knowing only a good buzz would help through the time, sitting on the beige sectional did not appeal after hanging there for a good portion of the previous three days doing poker work and putting the final APA-formatted touches on my final research papers.  Thanks to some early mornings fueled by grit and Lipton green tea, the responsible side of self allowed the degen side of self to earn a window for fun.  Corned beef and cabbage with teriyaki wings from Buffalo Wild Wings mixed with 12 year old Jameson on the rocks?   However someone gets their Erin-go-bragh on is up to them, especially if it involves cheesy mutated and stuffed tater tots with sour cream (I just gained five pounds thinking about those again). 

Today brings the usual night time with the high rollers in the Sunday Warm-Up but trying something that even this lifetime Minnesotan has not done…  snow golf

Yes, it’s 5 degrees currently.  Yes, winter is still in full effect here.  But, it’s a new experience and aside from questionable hypothermia possibilities my only question is if they are putting the beer cart on a snowmobile.

Minnesota Cooler (image cred)

5 days to the end of the quarter.
9 days to Vegas and some goddamn sun for once.  
96 days to the finish line.

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KenP said...

Dey be men of steel, by yiminy!

Qustions: Does that apply to physical prowess or brain matter? 5 before computing wind chill? Golf? Cold beer? Name not Ole?