Thursday, March 21, 2013

92 days

Current mood:  Wide awake and ready to dance

Quick hit and run today because finals and a busy weekend approach along with working ahead for vacation next week.

One thing came in the mail last week and I stare at it everytime while walking through the kitchen into the porch.  Not wanting to open it and just marvel in its perfection.  15 year old me probably became numb unable to walk without strategically placing rising body parts.

I'll be in my room, never mind the peppermint smell (photo cred)

 It's TOPANGA!!!  Now that life is complete, I'll go do that nose dive off the top of the Imperial Pal... sigh again.  Yes, I have a subscription to Maxim.  No, I do not actively pay for it as due to some magazines folding they awarded me a 12 year subscription to it.  And now I have some reading material for Vegas since I abhor pools but tolerate them to spend time with the family and pay $12 for a watered down girly drink.

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KenP said...

watered down girly drink

You drink Captain & Coke. How do you tell the difference? ;)-