Thursday, March 14, 2013

99 days

Current mood:  Grant Fuhr's used jockstrap

Strategic day off worked.

Ahead of the curve, all thanks to planning, and...

The Great One.

Yeah, I tried tucking in half my jersey in the back growing up on the ponds around Maple Grove and during games people would try to knock my shit through Hennepin county.  But, I was fast, not very good, but fast, mainly the reason I'm alive and typing these words today.  Skinny as a rail just like him and thinking one day I'll have Janet Jones in my living room re-enacting that hot gymnastic in American Anthem routine that likely passed for porn back in the 80s.

That didn't happen.

Instead I'm 38 and drooling on myself while holding down two jobs, a family, and 99 days away from college graduation.  Cheers to the double digit days as Vegas degeneracy approaches in two weeks, as I will attempt to lose my dignity again that has been slowly rebuilding by holding down too much responsibility lately.

Cheers to 99 as we get closer to that "Let's not speak of what happened last night graduation bash".  Seriously, there should be wheelchair parking, Project X without the teenage cliches, and free passes from spouses and sig others to have one night with zero consequences except for a raging hangover and Waffle House breakfast.

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Pauly said...

You made it to Gretzky. Next milestone... #88 and SUPER MARIO!