Thursday, January 13, 2005

-2, -8, -2

No they're not my scores from my last three rounds of golf, its the high temperature for the Twin Cities area for the next three days. I HATE THE COLD. Yet I live in Minnesota, sigh.

I was too tired for poker last night, so I watched the Travel Channel's continuation of Vegas Week. Cool stuff, and it gave me some possiblities to check out on my trip in March. I also watch a bit of the 2004 WPT Championship replay. WTF was that guy thinking going all-in vs. a pre-flop re-raise on a ragged flop with KT? I know they only show the "big" hands but if someone re-raised pre-flop AND re-raises post-flop you'd guess they'd at the very very least have an ace if not a pocket pair. But again I don't know how the table was playing and if Hasan Habib turned over the hammer or something in the previous hands.

I got an email from a certain all-star blogger saying he might be coming to this humble state for a visit. The liquor stores gave a collective groan after reading it. All I gotta say is DRESS WARM if you're coming big guy :) I hope I can entice the wife to bring me out since I can't drive (due to a work injury, see past posts for this). I want to view his facial expressions first hand when the Vikes upset the Eagles.

Short post today, short work day due to the final home inspection on the house we're buying. Barring any Tom Hanks and Shelly Long Money Pit moments, I think its a go. Hot tub, big porch to lounge in, and a nice big backyard for little Drizz to run around in, its looking good.

Tonight I'm on a bonus whoring mission, Crypto and Absolute hitting up the $1/$2 6-max games and a possiblity of TGC to continue to chip away at that bonus. Thanks for reading :)

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