Monday, January 10, 2005

Vikes Win?

I'm still in amazement as to how bad Farve choked. Moss limping around dropping trou and Culpepper (gotta give him props for another great game), and the defense coming up with big turnovers helped send the hick back to Mayberry. I was all set to play poker by the second quarter but the Vikes put on a show yesterday. In the case of Moss... a burlesque show :)

Which brings the question.... which gimpy ankled wide out will have a better dance from the sidelines next weekend? T.O. or Moss?

I'd make a bet with AlCantHang and his beloved Eagles but this fairy tale will probably end quickly in the house that Andy Reid build. Instead I offer a toast (if the Eagles win of course), I'll buy the first SoCo shot for you and your lovely wife if I can make it to the next blogger tourney if its held in Vegas again. Should the Vikes somehow, some way, manage to moon the Eagles you can buy me a 6 pack of Krispy Kremes to be shared of course :) Deal?

Good luck this weekend keeps coming...

#2319283 (sorry if the linky sucked balls)

this is my new place... pending inspection of course but we signed off on the papers this weekend. It needs new shingles but the porch area with a nice view knocked my socks off.

And even more good stuff:
I made money while playing poker and not just from bonuses!! TGC yielded some big wins (for me...) 25BB and 30BB on a $1/$2 and $.50/1 table as well as a stab at the NL game where I won $85 (very soft and full of gambOOOOOOlers in my humble opinion). Empire bonus got cleared also over the weekend and made a whopping $15 from playing plus the $200 for the bonus. What does a bonus whore do after clearing a bonus? Sign up for more of them of course! I put money into Absolute and Interpoker to clear their monthly bonuses. I gotta save up for the Vegas trip in March since closing on the house in February is going to tighten things up for us.

Happy Monday to everyone out there, thanks for reading :)


AlCantHang said...



SirFWALGMan said...

Extreme congrats on the play of the Vikes! Farve sucked. So I go 1-3 for my initial picks. Hope I do better this week! Randy Moss just sucks. I would not even take him on my fantasy team even though he puts up big fantasy numbers!

Unknown said...

People like Moss and T.O. bring a spice into the game. And just enough spice is nice just like in cooking.

But too much can spoil the meal...

Anonymous said...

When in March will you be in Vegas? We're going to be out there the first week (March 5-11), heading out of town when NASCAR rolls in.

- Jason

Unknown said...

I'll be out there from March 20-24th. Right now the only thing we're locked into doing is the Mystere show at TI. And my wife spending my poker winnings at the spa :P