Friday, January 28, 2005

NL is here to stay?

I was rockish on Crytpo last night while clearing the 300 hands for the Poker Plex $50 monthly bonus. But that didn't prevent someone from giving me their stack when I turned the nut straight with JTo vs. his AK. He bet his TPTK with a K - Q -3 board, I called his $2 flop bet, then a lovely 9 falls and I lead out $2, he min raises, I come back for $20 which he flat calls. Just to sweeten the deal an Ace falls on the river. I led out $25 and he pushed :D

I would to improve on the red ink flowing through PokerTracker under $1/$2 limit. But, NLHE has been very good to me and with the players play not improving at many of the sites I check out, I may stick with it for a while. Its nice to clear a bonus and actually make money playing! Limit can be profitable as well, especially since I did get through the .50/1 limit with 3.82/BB win rate after 10K hands. But, at the moment NLHE is the bread winner.

I got my BoDog calendar in the mail the other day. Meh. Its glossy and the women aren't wearing parkas and snowpants at least. The players at BoDog continue to define the word "fish". Got my all-in pre flop raise with KK called by... 88, yes I got sucked-out when an 8 flopped but when the player got pissed about me shutting the other caller, I kindly reminded him he hit a two outer. He told me I should be more careful about raising him in the future. You're right, because the next 4 times he does the same thing, I'll be taking his stack (theoretically of course). At least this place will probably be paying for my wife's spa treatment at Treasure Island in March. The bonuses here aren't much to shout about but the soft games make this a decent site to play.

Superbowl predictions, anyone? I still need a site with weird prop bets, if you see one let me know!

Thank you all of the kind words of encourgagement about my work drama! They decided to ship me back to my previous position unfortunately. I could have stayed if I had not made my decision when I was not thinking straight on Monday (note to everyone: never make job/life decision without a clear head, and if you're offered time to think about it DO IT!). But, once the wheels for the move were set in motion it was a done deal. My sup gave me the cliched saying "everything happens for a reason", and maybe she's right. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is my goal at work. I have no desire to become a supervisor despite my people skills and an A.S. degree in Business Management. I just want to provide for my family, that's it. Anything above and beyond that is a bonus but not a necessity to me. Poker helps this out a little bit, I'll be able to make a little profit and buy things for Little Drizz and my wife that normally we couldn't. Poker also gives me the risk/reward thrill that I won't get working to satisify me personally so I don't go through the week like a punch clock zombie. Plus, I can live vicarously through the bloggers who have more adventures in one night then I do in a year!

Thanks again everyone, good luck at the tables!

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