Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Years... a couple of days late

Holidays are finally done so we can get back to our normal spending patterns, work schedule (BOOOOOO!), and eat up the remaining Christmas cookies that no one else wanted. Little Drizz got a king's treasure trove of babbles and toys but still goes for his ratty Mr. Lizard more then anything. I've got SSH and Positively Fifth Street to keep me busy for the next few weeks. My wife has one of those cushy pillows that sold out at Kohl's in two seconds flat, plus some massaging slippers (which I can't steal because my big ass feet don't fit). All in all a great Christmas minus the running from house to house and getting only a little rest.

New Year's Eve was fun again when all my friends came over for a little TV poker (with two betting options min bet or all-in!) and some drunken penny poker on PokerStars. I didn't even notice the betting limits went down to .01/.02 but given the amount of Goose Head beer and Korbel (sp?) in my system I figured to play it safe and not trash my bankroll on the $15/$30 game. My friend found a heads-up penny poker match vs. someone with $1.40 left in his bankroll. I suck at heads-up play (as seen at the Grublog tourney), but I was the master of the suckout rivering top pair and straights since I was just trying to give the kid my .60 that you start with. But my hyper-aggressiveness pushed him out of pots more then anything. I think he shot a parting "you suck" after his bankroll got down to $.14.

Of course this effected the cards to go in the opposite direction when I started playing in my usual $1/$2 game. Sigh. After being down nearly 50BBs over 2 hours, I hit a couple of nut hands and finished off the bonus at Stars +$145. Whew. Now I have some FPP to spend, but I'll probably hold off till the next bonus offering and grab a nice polo shirt or jacket with the points.

The Gaming Club's new bonus structure has been a breeze thus far to clear. Bad play at the Prima network makes this bonus very lucrative. I've heard the bonus is tiered however (must move up to certain limits after clearing parts of it). I haven't been able to find the rules so if someone knows them shoot me an email.

I threw some money into BoDog Sportsbook/Pokerroom for a %10 initial bonus. The graphics were a little bland at first glance but I haven't really played there yet so I'll be reporting back on this site once I start playing. I did however see several MTT with huge overlays. This is mainly a Sportsbook site so I'm expecting the same type of competition as the Crypto sites with their casino gambOOOOOlers playing poker.

Do I sound like a bonus whore yet? Well, if I'm going to get paid to play this game hell yeah I'm going to take advantage of it! I love poker and as long as I still get upset when Bald_Fat_Guy69 rivers his two-outer after capping every street, I know this is the game for me. Everyone needs a hobby they can be enthusiastic about. My wife enjoys her scrapbooking, Little Drizz enjoys hearing his parents saying "no" 15 million times, and I love poker.

In 83 days I'll be matching wits with the poker fiends of the Mirage and Excal poker rooms (or possibly a couple of others after I check out the Poker Prof's site). We made reservations for TI this weekend for our yearly trip to Vegas. Its something to look forward to when your fingers fall off from frostbite trying to get the car started at 5:00am to go to work. I hate winter, I hate cold, and I live in Minnesota, bleh. I love Minnesota but hate the weather and I'm sure 95% of the other residents of this state would agree. The other 5% are sadistic macho Nordic-types who live to have their teeth shatter when you accidently open a window in the house.

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