Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dream Team Poker Day 1

Courtesy of Lotus (sadly no 420's or Team Bluff in the money):

There was a lot of buzz and hype leading up to the first open Dream Team Poker event at Caesars this weekend, and so far it hasn’t disappointed.

The event featured 148 teams (444 players) with a total prize pool of $222,000 and took over the entire Caesars Palace Poker Room. The total team prize pool hit $133,200 with the first place team taking home $59,940. The individual prize pool is $88,000 with the champion bringing in a pay day of $23,976.

Team Favorites, made up of Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, and Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss, were the team to beat when play started, but lost steam when Matusow and Buss left in midway through the day.

Currently, Team Aced is the only team left with two players in the field (Jamie Gold & Ashley Nataupsky). They are the new favorites to take the Top Team Prize.The bubble belonged to Anthony Ray (The Sharks) whose ace’s were cracked by Ron Perelman’s (Totally Unrewarded) pocket eights, spiking a set on the flop.

Here are the individual standings and team rankings at the end of
Day 1:
Player Name (Team Name) - Chip Count
John Regis (Poker Masters) - 480,000
Philip Rousseaux (Team Claddaghs) - 408,500
Gerald Percival (Runner, Runner) - 398,000
Rob Bisano (Pocket Rockets) - 366,000
Tom McEvoy ( Team 1) - 348,500
Jarrod Klein (Party at the Mansion) - 274,000
Joe Shukys (Team Palace) - 225,500
John Futris (Sex Panthers) - 206,000
Rob Perelman (Totally Unrewarded) - 165,000
Lisa Parsons (Lady Luck) - 159,000
Kia Illulian (Smoking Aces) - 155,000
Masih Bahadori (Poker Posin) - 141,500
Marsha Waggoner ( Team 2) - 141,000
Bobby Ramirez (West Coast Rounders) - 138,500
Mike Sims (Ari's Training) - 130,000
Danny Nelson (Biker Haven) - 119,500
Jeremy Ward (Do Work) - 95,500
Ashley Nataupsky (Team Aced) - 89,000
Thor Hansen (IPPA Tour) - 85,000
David Pollack (Pass the Sugar) - 84,000
Arshid Torkaman (The Clones) - 75,500
Phil Palermo (The Hellmuth Busters) - 63,000
Paul Ringer (Team NLP) - 54,000
Jamie Gold (Team Aced) - 45,000
Gary Weiss (3 Amigos) - 26,500

Play resumes Sunday at 1pm. Tables will be redrawn and the level clock set back to $4000/$8000 blinds with a $1000 ante. Updated team standings will be sent out before play resumes.

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