Sunday, March 08, 2009

Many Sounds of Win

While the poker eyes this weekend are on Caesar's Palace in Vegas for the National Heads-up Poker Championship put on by NBC...

Spoilers for Semis found here at Poker News Daily (two Team PokerStars Pros in one match, the other will pit a WSOP Main Event champ and Full Tilt pro versus a PLO expert)

I'm still tinkering with the controls as somethings like loud glass tinkling (another new sound) is coming through like deathly sharp shards hitting my head after a few beer pong matches. Ok, that could be the added effect of mixing good beer with Mich Golden Light while destroying the field in my brother's garage Saturday night.

Luckily a simple trip to the office (which is free as all adjustments are for the life of the aids) and they can tweak the volume (the right ear seems a tad "off") and types of sounds that filter thru. Currently, people's voices in an immediate area come thru the aid amplified louder then say silverware hitting a plate at a table 15 feet away.

Very neat.

State law gives me 45 days to fully a decision on whether to keep the aids or pay $250 as a "molding and setting" fee (and if I was 18 or younger those aids would be free in Minnesota thanks to
62Q.675 if your parents have health insurance). Right now the decision might be made by the end of the week in favor for hearing more things like my daughter's foot steps on the floor at Target.

If you're up tonight I'll be covering the Sunday Warm-up at the PokerStarsBlog. Gracias to all friends, family, readers, and people coming here for double penetration midget porn (actually you people frighten me and should go get that issue looked at).

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