Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Forcast Calls For Snot

Best analogy I could come up with for my present state of health was: looking like Peter North's dick-double in a bukkake film everytime I sneeze.

This better go away soon because in two weeks I'll be non-stop working and flying on my "vacation" as I gear up for SCOOP at PokerStars and Vegas-lite with the boy and wife. Still hoping on taking a rental car out for a day and heading to Red Rock which I haven't had the chance to experience yet.

In fact in the 10+ years of dropping by Sin City to shower the local economy with dollar bills and my low-rolling ways, I have yet to go outside of the strip or freemont street for more then a block (not counting the Gold Coast/Rio). Since this trip isn't about learning the hooker's astrology signs at 3am over a half-dozen jag-bombs and taking in her tale of how her last trick ended with a request to call him Obama as he climaxed after 90 seconds, I'd like to see a little of Vegas outside of the huge Danny Gans posters and triple-slide porn slappers.

Working while out there is another new experience, which I'm eternally graceful for the continued confidence of those at the (new and improved courtesy of Simon Young) PokerStarsBlog for including this wayward blogger.

Thank you sir for having me on the team. Can't wait for another crazy tournament series.

Oh, if you want a real end-of-a-trip report? I suggest Otis' latest from Uruguay. I heart me some good beer stories.


Curt Schilling Cooperstown bound?

Three rings will get him in ahead of Blyleven despite similar numbers. We'll see if the regular print media's hatred for bloggers ring true when the neccessary 75% of the votes are needed for inclusion to the hall.


Winnie Cooper married!!

Damn it. I bet Kevin is sulking right now for missing out on that. Yet, this might be a boom for Wonder Years DVD sales as I'm interested in hoping over to Target for the boxed set just from hearing the news.


Wasn't going to post today yet hammered this out. This writing thing is getting addicting.

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