Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jay Cutler: You Are Wanted At Winter Park

More football talk...

Yesterday the KFAN lines blew up when free agent T.J. Houshman-I-cant-spell-the-rest-of-this-long-ass-name-that-barely-fits-on-an-NFL-jersey was reported to be getting wine-and-dined by Zigi and the rest of the Vikings brass. Dining which included going to Manny's which kick ass steaks should have kept him pinned down to our frozen ass state looking for a perfect compliment to Berrian. A decent route runner to Berrian's speed game, plus Purple Jesus floating across the turf at speeds that would stun Sonic the Hedgehog.

Even with Sage Rosenfels at the helm (grrrrrrrrr) this move made sense and would have boosted the one-sided offense into a multi-weapon arensal when coupled with a decent defense would have given this team NFC Championship/Super Bowl possiblities.

Instead. T.J. goes to Seattle. A 4-12 team. New coach. Wide receivers that fall like outdoor dominos in monsoon season. He could have come to a team that is Super Bowl ready and settles for a few extra millions to be the best player on the house team. If someone with a half-way rational NFL brain can tell me a different reason then the money please do so. Don't some athletes still want to win versus being able to afford that ninth Bentley and strippers on-call in ever NFL city? Finally gets a chance to get out of Ocho Sucko's shadow and settles to try to eclipse Jerry Rice's massive Seahawks receiving totals.

Now... rumor mills are up about possible Cutler to Vikes due to the middle finger the Broncos gave the all-pro 25 year old with a possible 3-way trade with the Chiefs and Bucs.

Get him here Zigi, I suggest the Porterhouse and loaded baked potato. Maybe drop by Schieks for the afternoon shift for cuban stogies and the champagne room, whatever, this team needs a captain with talent not spry corporal with spunk.

Jay, you're wanted here.


In online poker talk.

The BBT4 kicked off this weekend with the Big Game and Brit Bloggerment. I jumped into the shallow end as I don't have much cash left on Full Tilt, and "played" in the Bloggerment. QQ vs. AKo, A9o vs. KQ in consecutive hands after scrapping by with bad cards (minus one AA which I slowplayed to the opposite of positive EV) before the 1st break and out.

Not fun. I do not want to get burnt out before this thing even starts so unless the skillz game tonight is Omaha or HORSE, I'll be a cheerleader this week.


Friday is the new day for my new ears if the doctors don't decide to pull another auditory cocktease.

I may even pop on for a rare weekend post as my brother is throwing a beer pong tourney just one week after ankle surgery. The man is an alcoholic warrior of solid nordic ilk and shall scream for Valhalla with every cup sunk despite the full leg cast and painkillers. Plus, I'll be able to test my bionic ears in a room filled with drunken yelling and taunts that I'll be able to mirror back now that I should be able to hear them.

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