Monday, August 17, 2009

Favre Must Have a Vagina

Because he can't make up his damn mind and guys are going crazy over it.

Can someone inform Jay Glazer over at Fox Sports that April Fools Day is in fact in April when no NFL-ish football is played?

Brett Favre maybe kinda doesn't like training camp which is why he'll magically appear in Week 3 of the preseason in the Purple and Gold.

My favorite part of the article is Glazer mentioning he'd "bet the farm" on Favre's return.

O rly?

Placing that kind of wager on a man who sniffs too much John Deere exhaust fumes and can't be relied on to make a decision on Strawberry or Grape jelly on his daily PB and J with the crust cut off, is akin to backing Waffles into all of the World Series of Poker tournaments and expecting him to win.

Thus ends my mini-rant, you can thank Miss Dawn Summers.

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