Wednesday, August 12, 2009

He Who Throws, Controls

All you need to know about the Minnesota Vikings chances this year were found during KSK's regular Peter King segment this week. Read the relavent section below with King's comment first then KSK's (normally Big Daddy Drew, but Unsilent Majority nails it here):

11:45 a.m., Thursday (Minnesota Vikings camp, Mankato, Minn.): I came here expecting to see the fastest man in the NFL, Percy Harvin, ripping up Vikings camp. And I did see an incredibly gifted player, Harvin, getting coached very hard because the Vikings want him ready to play a big role on opening day 2009, not opening day 2010. But after seeing Adrian Peterson sprint around left end on an early-practice reverse like he’d just taken the baton in the Olympic 400-meter relay, I didn’t know who was faster. Especially on the fast track of the Metrodome, I have no idea how teams are going to defend the Vikings when Peterson and Harvin are on the field together.

By tackling the shitty quarterback?

And done.

While I may be a homer for my beloved Purple, and I wait patiently for every bit of training camp infom coming from Paul Allen and the KFAN crew, I honesty acknowledge its the man (who ever it might be) taking the snaps that will be the downfall of this team again this year. Hell, I was cheering for a player that any Viking fan in the past decade grew up to boo with a vengence to join the team even if he was playing at 50% of his hall of fame past.

Purple Jesus will get his 1,700+ yards and 15+ TDs, Harvin will turn in some Deion Sanders-like punt and kick returns, and the defense will rank in the top 5 and top 2 in run stopping. But, the lack of talent in the QB position will kill the chances of going for Super Bowl loss number five and the veteran base of this team will shake their collective heads on a Lake Minnetonka party boat next spring wondering what happened.

Now if you'll excuse me, its Tiger-mania in Minnesota for the next few weeks. My brother had PGA Championship media tickets lined up for me but family plans trump walking the grounds of a course little peons like myself would never have the chance to do.

Big sigh.

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