Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Rash Returns

Kfavre.com is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Sigh.

How would you like to be Rosenfelds right now after pitching a 10 for 13 game, work hard at training camp, and still have this wall of white stuff that hangs from the sides of your mouth when you're dehydrated ready to swoosh in stunt dick style and steal the scene. (Kare11's story showing quotes from Brett Favre ballsack carrier Peter King and Fox's Jay Glazer)

Even my favorite morning radio crew is hanging their heads that Favre will make his return. Has Vegas set a line yet on this? Would anyone gamble on that? It might be more unpredictible than facing a Phil Ivey river bet and twice as tough to get paid off since his decision flip-flops more than a incumbent two months before Election Day.

UPDATE: Glazer appearently knows more than I, per KFAN.com Favre is on a team plane as of right now coming here to sign. Drama over.


Still amazed how quickly the summer has past as the weather here in the Twin Cities has begun to fade into Fall-like crispness in the afternoons with a hint of the smokey humidity happening once or twice a week versus the 150% invisible cloud of sweat residents of this state are used to. Last weekend at the cabin had all the seasons except the polar ice caps. In a span of eight hours the temp swung some 30 degrees going from baking heat, to calm outside card playing climate, to downpours and tornado warnings.

Despite the fact that The Great Minnesota Get-Together is next Friday officially marking the end of summer for this lefse-loving state, its been a good two hours of summer that was enjoyed to its fullest this year with many trips "up north", the VERY profitable Vegas/WSOP trip, and of course enjoying a game of baseball and a top 5 dinner with my invisible internet friends in Chicago.


I have a confession to make.

I enjoy play money online slot machines.

I actually shot up a fist pimp when my son correctly picked all of the bonus round selections on the Tomb Raider "nickel" machine to win 30,000 virtual coins and Lara Croft starting bouncing up and down.

I live a sad existence but least I do it with a smile on my face and have a family to put up with my dorkiness.


Tiger's downfall has surely been beaten to death by the virtual and real media and I had the chance to be there yet I sat at home watching the lack of life on my TV screen versus the plush fairways of Hazeltine (by the way if you type "Hazel" you get Keeley Hazell as the first search, not there's anything wrong with that, take your time there).

Chance of a lifetime sure, but two kids needed someone to climb over and on, for some reason I put my frantic sports rube in the closet and decided being a daddy was more important.

To tell you the truth, it was.

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