Thursday, August 20, 2009

Witty Favre Title Goes Here

Favre was not the lead-in story on Sportscenter this morning.

That is all.

Be back tonight with another final table brag and gearing up for a rare home game tomorrow as I will veer these writings into poker for this weekend.


Question: Two kids, day with dad do you:

1) Go to the beach, watch kids go nuts and possibly hit up the Elm Creek disc golf course (I have to pay $3 for this?!!?) in the park for the first time while acquiring some proper gear for a G-Vegas visit some time next year to take down some Frolf pros in that part of the country knowing a certain newscaster will pay for all of your Frolf gear and plane ticket later that night in the home poker game.

2) Take tots to Canterbury Park which has a full fledge park as the kids enjoy the races after they get bored with the tire swing and rope bridges and you get cheap beer, get your degenerate on despite no chance of touching the Copags and check-raising douchebags off their pair draws. Also there's checking in on the Twin Cities Poker Open which will be covered by my friends at Minnesota Poker Magazine and get to see them in action.

(sidebar: Should I take a vacation day to play in the O8 Canterbury Park Fall Poker Classic on October 14th? The structure looks all kinds of good and hey the buy-in doesn't blow a porn star's backdoor sized hole in my bankroll for once!)

3) Enjoy a very rare summer day at the parks near home or in the backyard where enjoying a Surly on the back porch would be optimial for a stress-free day where everyone gets what they want

4) Attempt the trifecta and do all the above and collapse into a puddle of unfrozen ice cubes afterwards

Your suggestions are appreciated as this confused sports fan will be watching his new quarterback take the field tomorrow against the Chiefs with sterilized excitement.

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