Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick Hits: The Blink and Its Gone Edition

Two quick hits as my close friends knocked me sideways this weekend and left little to no gas in the tank for thoughts.

- How do the journos at the Star Trib come up with not one but two feature articles the next morning on Brett Favre's "performance" in his first preseason game? And I thought poker writers had to fluff with the excitement of one of those hand-held dogs getting a beggin strip waved in front of their faces. 1 for 4 and this deserved over 3,000 words?


Yes, the Brett will get overly cushoned words in the daily rags until the battle against the Browns then its put up or shut up time as the expectation of this team is in Peter King's words "lofty". Anything with Favre at the helm below an NFC Championship Game and Chilly is looking for coordinator work else where in the NFL next year.

Make it happen captain.


Thought number two: If you're not going to play hard, why bother working hard?

Had a whirlwind weekend thanks to close friends and I woke up at the 9 to 5 today feeling like I just punched the time clock on last Thursday. I understand responsiblities are the key to not ending up living under a bridge with your kids in social services but after they're safely tucked away in Transformers/Strawberry Shortcake dreamland shouldn't the adults be allowed their kid time?

I think so.

I think so often.

Its a reminder that despite every "OMG SHE HIT ME" and dinner not eaten after fifteen not-so-subtle hints that parents need to bust out their kid or begin the journey to brainless couch potatoes watching the 7 to 9 lineup of sitcoms and drama on CBS.

Alcohol doesn't need to be involved, the fun does. I lost the want for that fun once and almost ended up with visitation rights and an alimony payment, this humble suburban white trash will not be letting go of that again. Equal parts hard work and partying make for a full life that may be shunned by fundies and other finger-pointing humans, but if you're not here to have a good time when one is available why bother living?

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