Thursday, December 03, 2009

PSA: Dr. Pauly's Notes on Surviving the WPBT Winter Gathering

A quick hit since its my day/night to relax with an unclear beverage (or eight), sing 80s hair band songs, play some low limit donkey MTTs while fighting off the temptation of hitting up the cash games to make the money back. But an important post for all you WPBT go'ers next week. Most of you are hardened veterans of the cowboy-tilting, Geisha Bar clearing, Dick-Bro sighting weekend of revelry that this weekend always brings.

Dr. Pauly has your back as a Vegas regular (who has a certain book upcoming you've may have heard about... Lost Vegas). Here are the tips on surviving the weekend with your fellow bloggers AND coming home without a missing limb/missing iPhone/missing on the good time you are going to Sin City for.

Here's Pauly's 6.0 version of Invading Las Vegas. Detailed post of the first 23 here.

Make special note of #34, cribbed from friend of all poker bloggers, Wil Wheaton

34. Don't be a dick.

Have fun, but don't be a dick. Nobody likes a dick.

I'll add one:

35. Do have a conversation with me this year. As people who have seen me since I've gotten my hearing aids can tell you, I'm more likely to not just understand what you're saying I'll probably even respond with sarcasm!

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