Sunday, December 27, 2009

No Vikes, No Cry

Saints losing this afternoon put another sting into the dreadful loss at the hands of the Panthers, as the window of potential home field advantage is still not completely closed.

Or should they be called "resurgent" Panthers after pummeling the Giants 41-9 today? Yikes. Rallying behind a third-string QB and super stars Peppers and Smith they put the Giants on the brink of elimination while having to shake their heads at what could have been.

Eagles/Broncos are on with all the Brian Dawkins returns to Philly talks while the second round of the Battle of the Planets tourney plays on that I'm covering today. Wyatt's Bionical's are all constructed, Kyra's room full of Disney princesses has grown to flood water levels as the parents are recovering from the holidays with football and a calming drink this afternoon.

No Vikes today as they're playing tomorrow on Monday Night Football against the Bears. ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Network, and CBS Pregame show all had FavreChilly watch 2009 on their agendas even though the game wasn't being played today, and frankly the media saturation of the situation resembles a used maxi pad. Time to shed the blood and hope the team starts running on all cylinders because the problem ISNT the quarterback, isn't not the suddenly mortal running back, isn't not the defense (although some flash cards on "how to tackle" wouldn't hurt). Its the offensive line's dreadful play over the past four games that resulted in the correct All-Pro (McKinney) finally getting benched last week.

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