Monday, December 07, 2009

Blue Balls Inside the Pink Taco

The better team won last night.

In what was bizzaro world in the NFL yesterday, Pats losing to the 'Phins, Steelers defense looking more broken up then the current Berlin Wall giving up late TDs to the Raiders, and the Redskins having the game gift wrapped against the undefeated Saints miss a chip shot field goal and fumble their way to a loss.

Then the Vikes took the field against the Cardinals in the Pink Taco and watched them turn into Super Bowl contenders. Swarming defense, solid front line protected the recently rattled Kurt Warner, and wideouts that made our safeties look foolish to say the least. A huge asset for the past two years suddenly has become a serious liability. The Vikings vaunted running game with Purple Jesus and Chester Taylor combined for 40 yards. Not on one run mind you, for the whole game. Neither one could match the 41 yards in two rushes that Percy Harvin put up in their 18 rushes.

Favre detractors were plentiful last night, quick to jump on the "HERE'S THE OLD BRETT FAVRE HAHAHAHAH ROFLCOPTER!!!!" bandwagon. Incredibly short-sighted if you're in this boat, as I thought he played average just not the 110+ rating 24TD/4INT type quarterbacking god he's been thru 11 games. Point a finger at the savior of team from his drafting three years ago. The run game that has been the key to victories until this year has given way to glutony and famine. No consistant 5,6,7 yards a rush, instead its -2, 1,0, 56, 3. This has a direct effect on Favre going down to sacks three times last night (as the talked-up Minnesota line put up exactly zero sacks). If the team is going to look towards Miami they need to find that crushing running game, that one move that makes her scream your name in bed, that loving feeling before its gone gone gone whoa whoa.

They need to find that running game, Favre did throw a couple of bad picks with one or two more that could have gone for a pick six (I hate that term), but generally did fine for the action I was able to see over the top of my laptop while working at PokerStarsBlog last night (Sunday Warm-up wrap found here). To add insult to the loss, EJ Henderson is gone for the year after this hit turned his left leg into jello (click here), McKinney and Loadholt were hurt turning the solid offensive line into a mis-mash of back-ups and back-ups of back-ups. All around it was similar to getting cockteased all day and night by your spouse only to get told while brushing your teeth that "I'm tired" complete with lights off by the time you spit out the Wintergreen Fresh Scope.

Started out fast, ended with blue balls quickly.

Three. More. Days. (well, tomorrow is my birthday as told by yet other white hair plucked from my chin this morning so that one should fly by quickly).

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