Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WPBT: By the Numbers

One day in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.

- Sigmund Freud

The years of struggle may not yet be behind, the years of true pain may not have come out yet, but the present years are ones I'll choose to cherish.

Even today, a quick smile pops out randomly from a quick conversation at the WPBT, a quip, a bet, a toast, they all gather up into one awesome time with friends that I yearn for the very next time we meet.

By the numbers:

Number of days spent in Vegas: 5
Number of dollars won gambling: 1,100 (despite losing $450 on slots)
Number of dollars in profit taken home: 700
Number of dollars I'll get to keep after wife finds the money: 0
Number of dollars won prop betting: 40
Number of dollars should have won prop betting: 400 (Otis: BET MORE!)
Number of extra hours spent in room recovering from prop bet: Too many
Number of dollars lost because Waffles bet the Bengals: 50
Number of meals I ate in 4 days: 5
Number of Cap'n Cokes at Lagasse Stadium: 3
Number of lace purple panties viewed: 1
Number of times I jumped around like an idiot: Lost count after Caesar's Palace
Number of scared 7-Star high rollers because of jumping 6'4" 200 lbs. man-child hitting a point: 1
Number of tramp stamps spotted at Steel Panther concert: 14
Number of racks bought at Green Valley Ranch for $2/$4 game: 7
Number of racks cashed in at Green Valley Ranch: 8
Number of dollars for WPBT tourney buy in: 100
Number of minutes I lasted in the tourney: 15
Number of dollars won playing craps with Maigrey, Betty, and Chilly due to busting early: 750
Number of times Betty explained to me I needed water with each drink: 5
Number of laps I ran around slots while playing craps at Excal with GRob, Otis, and G+G: 6
Number of times my ball was used during the WPBT Golf Tourney: 5
Number of strokes the team had: 70
Number of temperature while golfing: 35
Number of dollars spent on a new jacket at the turn of the golfing round: 58
Number of consectutive hands of Chinese Poker won against Oh Captain during flight delay: 5
Number of wheelchair rides taken: 0
Number of quads hit on Let It Ride: 1
Number of dollars won on Let It Ride: 850
Number of inches of TV in the Lagasse Stadium luxury box: 103
Number of score at Galaga after Vikings game: 325,670
Number of friends I miss today: Too many

You bring the fun, and this time I was able to hear more of it brightening the trip a hundred fold. Thank you.

Until we meet again, stay thirsty my friends.

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